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CANBUS / harness questions before buying an aftermarket multimedia system C4 B7 (2013)

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Sat Apr 14 2018, 03:58pm
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Joined: Mar 24 2013
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Hello all,

I'm considering an aftermarket multimedia system for my C4 1.6 THP (B7 model, 2013).
I like to know how stuff works in my car, but after scouring the internet I couldn't find definite answers to some simple questions:

1. CAN BUS - in my car, I get all sorts of messages on my current radio display ("fuel level low", "passenger door open", "automatic wiper activated" etc.). Also, I have all the nice steering wheel controls.
what do I need to check in an aftermarket system to ensure I'll get all the different messages and configuration options? is this a standard protocol ( CANBUS) or something else?
will I need some CANBUS adapter/decoder for an aftermarket system, or is it already fitted somewhere in the wiring harnesses?

I've seen some videos with aftermarket systems showing vehicle settings such as cruise control configuration, parking lights settings etc. so I know its possible.

2. are the wiring harnesses "universally standard" for this model? or will I need
a special ISO adapter/harness/cables? I know I can cut and solder wires, but still prefer standard adapters.

I hope I made myself clear,

thanks for any help!


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