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Faulty pollution warning

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Mon Mar 19 2018, 01:40pm
Member No: #50736
Joined: Mar 19 2018
Location: Oldbury
Hi guys I've got a faulty pollution warning and check engine light come up on my loeb 2008 1.6 went off yesterday but has now come back on again
Also lost power coming home went into limp mode.would this be a blocked dpf if this model has one or something else has I have a bottle of dpf cleaner I could drop into tank to see if it helps

Mon Mar 19 2018, 04:37pm
Member No: #27768
Joined: Oct 13 2012
Location: Hove
It's a generic message for a fault somewhere. You need to get the fault codes read. you can check if the car has a DPF - Click Here - .
Tue Mar 27 2018, 09:17am
Member No: #50154
Joined: Jan 01 2018
Location: UK
Yeah it's a general code. Could mean anything. If it's gone into limp mode though that "should" narrow it down a little. I have this too and i got the 0420 code. Meaning it's something CAT related. Probably one of the Lambda/O2 sensors. Most common issues on petrols with this fault are water temp sensor and O2 sensor fault. Although the O2 sensor "shouldn't" put the car in limp mode. It hasn't on mine anyway. But a code reader is what you need.

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