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Error warnings no start stop and various HELP

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Tue Feb 13 2018, 03:01pm
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Location: Norwich
2012 gp 1.6hdi airdream. Only 35k miles. All good. On school run, chirping / squealing from engine bay sounding like belt. Flashes up eco stop start disabled and engine fault repair needed. Squealing stopped when engine revs increased. Drive fine , no other warnings until stopped and re started. Each time no fault shown on the diagnostic function in car. Took to a local small garage for service, mot , and this fault . No battery light on. He said will mot first then service and he thought nw belt. 3 hours later I get a call advising when doing emissions for mot car stopped lit up like an xmas tree and wou not re start!! He thought alternator, I asked if he had checked the voltage across battery and he said yes 7volts. Will need new alternator. Battery had never failed me or show signs before ? And quoted me £300 for re con alternator. 2 days later!!!!! I called and he said they were getting there? And now felt it may need new tensioner as it looked in way out aonniw were ordering new tensioner and belt ( strange how they didn’t see this when fitting alternator ??) called later that day and apparently had to wait for another tensioner as the new one was not tightening the belt ???then later, they said now getting one from main dealer as second one still not tensioning belt enough !!! So got family member who innthrnknow and took him to garage to see what’s what. In the end the guy at garage said he could see we weren’t happy as still squealing from belt area sonwas going to refit old alternator that wasn’t charging . Long short , a day later get car back new belt and tensioner , and now the alternator IS CHARGING but still squeals when cold it under load. Only paid for belt and tensioner . Whilst driving , the eco start stop kicks in, stops the car, but won’t automatically restart, just buzzes ? And flashes up put foot on pedal and start!? 3 days later, esp/asr and parking brake failure flashes up followed by a b s failure... take car to a garage some 25 miles away to a guy who did his training with Citroen some years ago , and he ordered another belt as he felt the one in car looked slack, but the one that came is exactly the same as the new one just put on , and same length as the old one, yet the tensioner will not tension belt enough and jiggles about, gets another tensioner, it’s same as new one already fitt s?? So he is very confused and orders a belt 20mm shorter and it has stopped the squealing , but how could this be that now needs a shorter belt than original???? Considering the previous rubbish garage re fitted the original alternator ?? Nothing else had been changed?? Car still will not re start on start stop, and has the various esp/asr fault and abs fault and parking break fault. How many issues are going on here?? Long post but explains all that has got me to this point ?? Car starts fine drives fine apart from automatic handbrake only manual the other faults showing . Apparently diagnostics by recent gagerage showed up rear abs sensor faulty.. I’m so confused
Tue Feb 13 2018, 05:10pm
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Given that this is the 3rd time you've posted about this, I suggest taking it to an approved Citroen dealer as you obviously aren't getting anywhere with other garages. At least they will have the necessary diagnostics, skills etc. to repair the car.

From what little I know of the life of ECM/AGM batteries there's a possibility the battery is failing.
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Wed Feb 14 2018, 06:46am
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Thanks for reply . Sadly it’s been purely cost that has kept me away from amin dealer. And my last two visits to main dealer saw them making mistakes for mot stating things needed fixing and they put the wrong things down, and aopologising when pointing out and such, and I’m sure they will start saying various parts need replacing when they don’t !! Can I ask, is there a possibility that as said, the battery, being over 5 years now, could be failing even though the garage tested it and said it seems ok: not bad.? Also car always starts ( not from start stop) and no battery light on ever ?? Thanks in advance for any response. Just hoping someone may go YES, HAS EXACTLY THE SAME AND IT WAS ......the wiper blade !!!!
Wed Feb 14 2018, 12:24pm

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Odd errors are often battery related.

I had an AGM battery (yellow top optima) that would pass a test but could not hold a charge if left for a few days. Tried reconditioning it the optima way, bout an expensive charger and non of it did any good.
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