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2015 C4GP 2.0 HDI EAT - Humming / Droning/ Whining/Purring?

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Sun Feb 11 2018, 01:07pm
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Joined: Feb 11 2018
Location: Bisley
Hello there- I purchased a 2015 C4GP 2.0 HDI EAT from a citroen dealer at the weekend. Upon driving the 30 miles home via motorways I noticed a humming / droning sound at speeds of 40mph+ getting louder the faster the speed. Kind of like an airplane sort of noise, together with some fairly significant vibrations.

Now I've read that the 2.0 HDI is much less refined than the 1.6 HDI, but I really don't notice that as an issue up to 30-40mph, and certainly not at idle (prob because I've just traded in my rather unrefined kia carens...)

The question is, is this humming/ droning/ whining something which is a feature of the 2.0 HDI engine? Or is it, as I'm slowly convincing myself, possibly due to failing wheel bearings?

It would be very poor form if the citroen dealer has sold me this with the knowledge that one or more wheel bearings is close to failing. I believe replacement is covered under the standard 6mth warranty.

I'm thinking of taking it to a local garage and asking if they can look into it and perhaps provide a diagnosis, before I travel the 30 miles back to the dealership to get them to sort it out backed up with the diagnosis I'd already have.

Anyone else noticed this noise / vibration?!?

Thanks for any help!

Wed Feb 14 2018, 04:19am
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Joined: Jan 06 2010
Location: Mooorends S.Yorks
Having the same kind of vehicle as yours I was also worried about the rumbling noise's, although in my car I didn't notice them until I was travelling on the motorway above 60 Mph. One day when coming down from Newcastle I hit about 4 Mls of newly laid road surface and instantly the growling went away. In my mind I put the noise down to the tyres and forgot all the dreadful things it might have been. Road surfaces and tyres play a big part in the driving experience and can really "Do your head in" if you can't figure out what is going on.
Anyway I've had the car nearly a year now and nothing has dropped off or given up yet, so happy motoring.
Wed Feb 14 2018, 04:25am
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Joined: Jan 06 2010
Location: Mooorends S.Yorks
P.S. As regards to the vibrations, get yourself down to the local Tyre Fitters and have all four wheels balanced and the Tracking checked.
Wed Feb 14 2018, 04:49am
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Joined: Oct 11 2016
Location: Cambridge
Roll off Eurotunnel onto A26, road/tyre noise is always significantly less than it was on the M20 which got you to our end of the tunnel. Tyres can make a big difference as well - look at somebody like Blackcircles.com and
look up the dB rating of whatever you have. Shouldn't vibrate though so right to investigate further.
Wed Feb 14 2018, 12:10pm

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Location: Cambridgeshire
We tear drove a 2.0 C4P with 18” wheels a couple of years ago and I noticed it droned a lot too, when I got out and had a look it had four different tyres on only one of them being an original Michelin, the other three were ditch-finders which I suspect made the noise.

Also, the vibrations are quite possibly poorly balanced tyres - I’d check to see whether the tyres are a decent brand and then get them all balanced
Sun Feb 18 2018, 03:18am
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Joined: Feb 11 2018
Location: Bisley
Thanks very much for sharing your experiences. I feel better about this now. My wife thinks I'm hearing things but coupled with the low tyre inflation indicator complaining every now and again I think that is reason enough to get it checked. Booked in for next week. 40 quid for a drive and checking of all wheels and Tyres. Not bad I suppose. Thanks again
Sun Feb 18 2018, 03:41am
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Location: Dorset
It isn't strictly speaking a low pressure warning system. The system works, afaik, by comparing the rotation speed of each wheel using the ABS sensors. If one wheel loses tyre loses pressure, the rolling diameter changes, the wheel spins faster and the system picks this up. If the alarm does go off, it seems to go into the memory and will continue every time you start until essentially it is cancelled by reinitialising.
However, if you just neglect to maintain tyre pressures, and they all slowly deflate at much the same rate, the system will not notice and there will be no alarm.
In a hypothetical situation where you have a slow puncture in each front tyre, deflating at the same rate, I have no idea whether it will be detected.
Thu Mar 01 2018, 02:13pm
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Joined: Feb 11 2018
Location: Bisley
So, I have an update on this. I took the car to a local garage and they confirmed that the rear driver side wheel bearing needed replacing (confirms that the humming noise I was hearing was not me going mad) and further more the vibration is caused by missing weights on the front wheels.

So, in early Feb I was sold a 3y old car with 33k on the clock by a citroen dealership. The car was sold with an MOT and service included - yet the vibration and humming was evident upon driving home on the motorway on the day of the purchase. Furthermore since re-examining the logbook I see that the 2 previous owners mentioned by the sales guy were in fact 'ERUK' i.e. EuropCar........ I have to accept responsibility for not fully checking the logbook during the sale, but this sends my confidence in the car dropping even lower. Isn't it odd for a 33k car to have a wheel bearing going? unless of course it has hit a curb or something.

I have contacted the dealership and they have asked me to drive back (30miles) so they can diagnose for themselves and carry out the necessary work free of charge and providing me with a courtesy car for the duration of the work (prob just the one day)

They were very polite and explained why they needed to diagnose themselves (wheel bearing replacement is not cheap) and I understand that.

I know it is within my rights to return this car and get a full refund. I will give them a chance to carry out the repair. I will then road test it before driving home and hopefully closing the chapter. But if it still doesn't feel right then I'll be getting my money back!!!!!

anyone think I'm not doing the right thing here? I have such sh*t luck with cars!!!

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