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2012 DS4 THP 200 - Variable valve lift gear corrosion and wear.

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Sun Jan 21 2018, 10:39am
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Joined: Aug 26 2017
Location: Somerset
Hello C4 Owners

Just before Christmas I had the engine management light on with the "Engine Fault: Repair needed" message. Breakdown driver said the codes indicated a variable valve timing issue. Unfortunately he didn't write down the codes before he wiped them.

Took it into my local Citroen dealership last week. They had the car for two days and identified the issue being a corroded and worn variable valve lift sprocket.

This was the photo provided by them:

They said the part was not available on it's own, and therefore would require the cylinder head kit, at a small cost of £4000. The car is no longer under warranty.

My questions are as follows:

Any ideas on what could of caused this? Could this have been an issue with the engine as soon as it left the factory?

Regarding getting it fixed, is it possible to get this part on it's own or will I need to replace the head just as the dealership said?

Cheers for your help
Sun Feb 11 2018, 11:10am
Member No: #14234
Joined: Jun 19 2010
Location: israel
I had the same message, after a week in the garage, turned out to be the engine ECU. they suspected the timing system but every step they said they replaced only one part. but some parts comes only in kits, maybe someone with more knowledge will chime in.

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