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Post Warranty Servicing Plans - Views/Opinions/Suggestions

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Fri Jan 12 2018, 04:14am
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Joined: Oct 12 2014
Location: UK
My C4GP is now three years old (how time flies), there have been a few issues with it but it's been a damn good car really I think. At year 1 I joined the Citroen servicing scheme and my car has now been serviced 3 times, I think I paid £400 or so. Yesterday at the last service the dealer pushed their own servicing plan that would cost around £700 for three years (it would include MOT's though). I haven't checked the full details but I'm guessing there are lots of similar schemes out there.

I'd be reluctant in taking a dealer specific plan because it ties you to them, if they insist that something is needed for example then you are limited to look elsewhere or get a second opinion (unless you are happy paying twice).

Then the other point to this is warranties, my car has had some expensive replacement parts under warranty, the top screen for example. I can do basic mechanical work but there is a lot of technology on this car and I'd be lost with that.

So I'd welcome any thoughts, suggestions or opinions on both servicing plans but also extended warranties.


Fri Jan 12 2018, 05:07am

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Location: Cambridgeshire
So long as your car hasn’t passed 3 years old you can extend the warranty - it’s just over £20pcm and matches the original warranty word for word - it is, frankly, a no-brainier but you do need to take this out before your original warranty finishes.

Secondly servicing is also easy - now your car is 3 years old it can have Citroën ‘essentials’ or ‘originals’ servicing;

- Click Here -

With MOT on Originals this would cost £745 over 3 years (your next service is a major, then a minor then a major again) but you aren’t tied in to anything with anyone.
Sat Jan 13 2018, 07:08pm
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Location: UK
Nice one Frank, I didn't realise that Citroen even offered such a plan to extend things.
Sun Jan 14 2018, 03:54am
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Location: Dorset
BusterDan wrote ...

Nice one Frank, I didn't realise that Citroen even offered such a plan to extend things.

They usually send you an invitation in the post. You can continually extend until the mileage has exceeded 100,000 miles on renewal. I have a plan on our older C3, which paid out when an injector went, I have extended my warranty 4 times. I will certainly be having one for our C4GP

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