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Philips amp location / replacement in C4GP

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Wed Jan 10 2018, 03:06pm
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Joined: Jan 10 2018
Location: Uusikaupunki

I have C4GP Exclusive 2007 with Philips sound system. Some time ago it went silent and after some search it didn't seem like it's unique occurrence. I opted to change to Alpine head unit to get Bluetooth-streaming added, but unfortunately for me, I didn't take into account that adapter leads won't work in systems that have separate amplifier installed. All sound signals seem to go to the amp, so it looks like there is something wrong with the amp (not necessarily fried as sound does work sometimes, but for most of the time not).

However, I cannot find any info where this amp is installed in the car. I looked under front seats and there is only subwoofer under passenger seat but nothing under drivers seat. I really need to find it so I can check the connections and possibly get a replacement part. Has anyone here done the replacement?
Wed Mar 21 2018, 06:19am
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Joined: Jul 19 2017
Location: Kent
Has anyone any info on this. I am looking for the amp due to the similar problem on my 2008 C4 Picasso Lounge. Great car but no sound.

There seem to be lots of posts with the same/similar problem. Someone must have found the solution by now!
Sat Apr 14 2018, 03:34pm
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Joined: Apr 14 2018
Location: DERRY
Any updates on this? -- I want to fit an aftermarket stereo to our Picasso Lounge but have the same issues--no sound
Wed Apr 25 2018, 07:20am
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Joined: Feb 02 2013
Location: scotland
I have the same problem, CD30 I think the fault code is, the amplifier is not working.
I understood the amplifier was under the seat, but there's very little information on this I can find.
I found the speaker connections at the back of the radio work fine, so I've made a temp repair by connecting a speaker directly to the radio, thus bypassing the amp.
The reverse sensor works fine using this solution.
I now just need to find the amp location, I can then wire the speakers up directly, bypassing the amp.
The amp seems to be unreliable.

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