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Tow bar advice for C4 Picasso 2014

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Mon Jan 01 2018, 05:58am
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Hi All,

I'm looking to get a tow bar fitted to my 2014 C4P just for a bike rack. My car has parking sensors and a rear camera so would either want something detachable, or one that wouldn't set the sensors off. This one here, says detachable, but not sure whether it actually is or not, as it's so cheap and there's another one that says removable on the same site, but doesn't seem to be any different apart from £140 more expensive. - Click Here -

Any ideas or help much appreciated,

Mon Jan 01 2018, 08:02am

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It’s removable but only with the use of tools etc. - it’s not what you’d normally consider removable, ie with a key that then leaves no trace. Also each time you fit it you’ve got to be confident it’s all done properly.

We use proper removable Towbars and because they aren’t a flange type they don’t set the sensors off, even when fitted - a swan neck will be the same if you didn’t want to pay for a detachable tow bar. If you fit this flange one it will set the sensors off every time you put it into reverse.
Mon Jan 01 2018, 08:47am
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All tow bars are removable, with the right tools, but what I think you want is one that is detachable. However they are more expensive.

You have to decide on what you want to do - save money or have ease of attachment / detachment If you want dedicated electrics for a tail board for lights and reversing sensor deactivation, then the cost will be even more. I got mine fitted by Indespension, you can get a quote here - Click Here -


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