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Road Rage, wish I had a dashcam.

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Thu Dec 28 2017, 10:09am
Member No: #18905
Joined: Mar 23 2011
Location: Widnes, Cheshire
Driving home from work earlier today along the M56 from Ellesmere port. Came of at Junction 12. The exit goes into 4 lanes, stopping at lights. The lane on the left is for left only, remaining 3 lanes are for going around the roundabout, filtering from the right into 2 lanes. We are stopped at the lights (on Red) when the car in the middle just takes off, I was on his left. The lights turn Green and we drive of. The Merc that was on his right at the lights, speeds past this driver, sounding his horn. About 2 miles down the road, the Red light jumper thinks its me sounding the horn, drives in front of me and slams on to a stop. He gets out, comes back to my car, feffin and jeffin for about 2 mins and says something like "you be very carful, you don't know what I can do". I just tell to do one and get back to his car.
Just wish I had had a dash cam.
Thu Dec 28 2017, 12:11pm
Member No: #27768
Joined: Oct 13 2012
Location: Hove
I got one a while ago, it's scary how many times I've had to pull the footage & report people.

The most memorable one was a lorry driver who thought 50mph in a 50mph average speed check area was too slow so overtook me then deliberately cut me up.
Thu Dec 28 2017, 04:00pm

Member No: #19238
Joined: Apr 12 2011
Location: Cambridgeshire
To be honest, whenever I see a car being driven badly the next thing I notice is a dash cam either by the rear view mirror, in the rear window or both - if the driving is really bad then you’ll probably see a ‘smile you are on camera’ sticker (or similar) too; they probably experience road-rage on a daily basis not realising it’s their awful driving that puts them in such positions. It’s the 21st century version of the religious fish symbol.

Sounds like a nasty experience, be glad that with that attitude you won’t come to the sticky end they will one day and try to forget about it.
trev h   
Fri Dec 29 2017, 03:35am
Member No: #10864
Joined: Sep 11 2009
Location: kent/se london
I've had one in mine for some time now just because of all the idiots that are on the roads, you can only anticipate what stupid moves some people are going to make a certain percentage of the time, you have only to watch the TV programmes that are being shown now using dash cam footage, it's frightening that these people are out there.
Fri Dec 29 2017, 01:58pm
Member No: #27768
Joined: Oct 13 2012
Location: Hove
This was the reply to the one on the M1:

"We value all feedback from members of the public, it is so central to risk management.

I have tracked the trailer and identified that the vehicle In question was being pulled by a sub contactor of ours.

We would use sub contractors from time to time , especially during busy times. Never the less we believe that all sub contractors are representatives of this company and thus must adhere to the companies high expectation of driving standards.

I can only apologise Russell , I have contacted the Sub Contractor this morning and forwarded on your email. I have documented the complaint and requested that the driver in question be taken off road and re assessed before he is placed on another xxxxxx Job.

We will place this complaint in the sub contractors file and any other complaints will result in them being removed form our books."
Fri Dec 29 2017, 04:02pm
Member No: #20936
Joined: Jul 21 2011
Location: Ireland Fermanagh & Galway
I have two dash cams one in front and one at the rear both with GPS I am building up a bit a collection of some really bad drivers on the roads the dangerous ones I have reported to the police but too many times it was hard to prove who was driving the car or van so got a rear cam but i do have a " Camera Recording " sign on my rear screen so don't have to many overtaking me on double lines now.
Wed Jan 10 2018, 07:04am

Member No: #82
Joined: Jan 22 2007
Location: Hoylake
That's a dreadful exit, and I've seen much last minute lane changing there. Over the last few years it's been nowt but road works and never the same set up two weeks in row.

And yes, invest in a dashcam - get one with a GPS clock and speedo readout at least. As suggested, two, one front and one rear, is worth considering.
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 riven1962 (16 Feb 2018 : 12:39)
Fri Feb 16 2018, 07:02am
Member No: #47272
Joined: Jan 13 2017
Location: Halifax, West Yorkshire
I've just fitted a dashcam in the C4GP. Previously, I've been using the GoPro and I've already caught a few interesting ones. All the numpties I come across get posted to my YouTube channel.

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