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C4 VTS 2.0 Front and rear shock replacement

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Wed Dec 20 2017, 04:47am
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Location: Windhoek
So my car just came back from a service and they have stated that I have to replace both my front and rear shock absorbs. The quote they give me is extremely stiff so I would like to find out a bit more on alternatives and what aftermarket parts I can look at.

I also see on the quote that there's a charge for two mount assembleys.

Can anybody give some insight into which brands and units I can look at that won't cost me an arm and a leg please?

Thank you,
Wed Jan 24 2018, 08:36am
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Location: Surrey
Have you checked out euro car parts? They often have good discount codes at weekends for 30%+ off.

Girlfriends C4 failed MOT on leaking front shock a few months ago, part was £85 from ECP and labor at local garage (lazy I know, but it was raining and cold!) was £60.

I suspect the mounts they are talking about are strut top mounts. It is surprising that you need all four!

Brand wise, Monroe, Sachs etc are all good. I am sure you would be able to find an aftermarket kit from the likes of Koni etc for £3-400 but I personally think they would spoil the car for everyday use.

Good luck
Wed Jan 24 2018, 08:43am
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Joined: Jan 24 2018
Location: Surrey
Just had a quick look for you,

- Click Here -

£93 front, £58 rear. Comes to roughly £200 in parts with their current discount.

Strut top mounts not inc discount are £33 ea.

- Click Here -

For an amateur mechanic like me the front shocks are likely an hour each, and the rears 45mins each (probably at a guess given other cars I've worked on), guessing 3 hours for a garage.

3hrs @ £70 hour + discounted parts is approx £500 (inc top mounts), is this anywhere near the quote +/- £100?

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