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Clutch issue and 2 recalls.

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Mon Dec 18 2017, 06:50am
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Joined: Jul 08 2007
Location: Dorset
I've had a relatively minor issue with my car. The clutch pedal has not beern returning smoothly for a little while, and I suppose I had just got used to it. Yesterday I drove it for the first time in over a week and the clutch pedal was squeaking on the way up and down. This morning the clutch pedal did not return to the top of its travel for about 20 gear changes, then as I was driving along in a higher gear the pedal suddenly banged up to the top of its travel. At no time has there been any issue with moving off or changing gear.

So I took the car to the agent and explained the problem. Apparently there is a recall for my car for the clutch pedal, and a second one for the Adblue tank filler cap. Sorry, I have no idea what the recall numbers are, which particular VIN numbers are affected, and whether either affects the 1.6HDis. Going in on the Thursday after Christmas.
Mon Dec 18 2017, 04:24pm
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Location: South
I have a 2014 same as yours, manual 2.0 hdi. Brought to Citroen main dealer first time after buying it/ UK import, and the same two items on the system.

Hadn't noticed clutch problem, but the old adblue cap was visually identifiable as missing the valve to release any air pressure in the tank. Apparently could cause the tank to deform down the line. New cap simply had the complete valve fitted in the centre, white plastic piece.
Fri Dec 29 2017, 09:12am
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Location: Dorset
Took my car in yesterday. On the way out in the very cold conditions the clutch pedal partially stuck down, then after several changes it was OK. They didn't tell me what they actually did, but it certainly feels different, and moves as it should.
Sat Dec 30 2017, 02:44pm
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Location: Edinburgh
There is a hydraulic cylinder attached to the clutch pedal which in turn operated the clutch master cylinder. I had this changed during service back in October. There was the tell tale pedal travel issue, plus, a fine white dust was evident on the carpet high up under the clutch pedal. Cylinder seems to be a known issue but is in a rather awkward position to get at. Apparently the Tech was lying almost upside down on the driver seat to get in at it. It was covered by warranty on my 65 plate 1.6 HDI.
Thu Jan 04 2018, 10:04am
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Location: Warwickshire
I've just booked my 63 plate C4P in for a service at our local dealer. Woman on the phone mentioned that there was a TSB against my car for the clutch master cylinder, affecting about 65% of vehicles. Not sure if this is the same thing.
Thu Jan 11 2018, 07:48am
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Location: UK
Just having the Clutch recall/Master Cylinder replacement also done on my 64 plate
Tue Jan 23 2018, 07:41am
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Location: ireland
I have a 2014 C4 grand picasso with a clucth fault where it does not come up fully but is only half way.
It looks like this issue.
How do i check if my car is valid for this recall?
Tue Jan 23 2018, 09:23am
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Location: Dorset
Noworries2004 wrote ...

I have a 2014 C4 grand picasso with a clucth fault where it does not come up fully but is only half way.
It looks like this issue.
How do i check if my car is valid for this recall?

Get in touch with your local agent. My recall was for the 2.0HDi, and I believe that it is an issue with the 1.6HDi as well.
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Tue Jan 23 2018, 09:47am

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Location: Manchester
Might help some people. Can get most recall information from the below link.

- Click Here -
Fri Jan 26 2018, 08:25am
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Location: ireland
Rang my local dealer and its covered under a recall.
Booked in for next week to be done. Great news and saves me a few hundred euro
Sat Feb 10 2018, 01:19pm
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Joined: Nov 05 2016
Location: Ireland
Yip...they replaced the clutch master cylinder in our C4GP under warranty. The pedal was intermittently only returning half way back up to the top of its travel.
Also had the A/C fixed...well it's working for now! It wasn't blowing cold. When the a/c was turned on you could hear a hissing noise coming from the dash but it never got cold. Gave it the garage twice..first time they said it was due to fault filler valves but I knew it wasn't working before I left the showroom. Rang and told him and he told me to bring it back. I reckon they knew it wasn't working the first time? The second attempt they fixed it..both times it was an external a/c company that looked at it...I saw the van driving through the gate!!They told me it would be an outside company that was going to look at it.
This was done under warranty also. I saw the docket(upside down) and they had refilled and inserted dye but I couldn't make out what else they had done. Did see the bill though..500Euro!!! Just as well it was covered under warranty:( .
Now you can hear the rpm change when the a/c goes on..still can't really hear the compressor kick in..but it's blowing freezing air!!
Mon Apr 22 2019, 12:34pm
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Location: London
I have a 2014 c4gp, clutch refuses to come up most of the time.. the gov.uk recalls site says nothing for my reg so what would I say to a dealer to get the cylinder sorted by them at their cost?
Mon Apr 22 2019, 01:52pm
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Location: Bolton
The gov.uk site.are safety recalls, the one for the clutch cylinder is a Citroen Technical Service Bulletin which will not appear on the gov site.

See your dealer and tell them you are aware of the TSB and see if your car is on the VIN list
Mon Apr 22 2019, 03:52pm
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Location: Dorset
There was a non-safety recall for the clutch pedal on 2.0HDis. I had mine done about 15 months ago. Someone with a 1.6HDi posted a couple of weeks ago, and he got it fixed under recall, so it looks like it extends to 1.6s.
Sun May 05 2019, 01:15pm
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Joined: Oct 27 2018
Location: England
I have a 2013 c4 and just had the master cylinder replaced following the TSB. This is the third master cylinder I have had replaced in just over year (I paid for the first one!) but was having problems with the clutch pedal for over a year prior to that.
Since the start of the problems I have had issue with the clutch slipping in 6th gear. This was resolved when the master cylinder was replaced the first time but not the second/third times. Is it possible for the master cylinder fault to have caused the clutch slipping problem? I have asked the citroen dealer but they said no.
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