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2008 1.6hdi VTR Plus - My Second Hand Experience

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Thu Nov 30 2017, 07:35am
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Joined: Nov 17 2017
Location: Sleaford
So I've had our new C4 for about a week. We bought it to replace my wifes much loved Toyota Yaris as we needed something bigger for the family. She is now driving my 2008 Honda Civic 2.2 ictdi and I am driving the C4 (Evie has 114000 miles on the clock and I want to give her a rest). I do 52 miles a day going to and from hence the diesel.

So we bought the car for £1900, my first impression is that it has been stood for a long time. Confirmed by looking up the MOT history, it did 600 miles last year. It has a full Citroen service history. The car is on 79K

Had the following issues to begin with:
  • A dodgy dealer
    Injector seals went
    Hole in balljoint that has been filled with instant gasket
    All of the heatshield was missing
    The heater flap has gone so semisting is a nightmare
    Rattke for the rear that we can't figure out where it's coming from (all suspension is fine)
    Main display had a black line on the top
    Badly corroded rear disks

I have sorted all the major problems out and it's now running well. I've put a new head unit in, changed the main display and I am waiting for the heater repair kit. Pad and seals have been sorted.

My initial impression are good. I am constantly worried about it breaking down at the moment but that will pass now the seals are sorted. It's OK to drive, especially when compared to my civic. But it's comfy, fairly quickish and I do like the look of it from the front.

Its very efficient, which is great. Now all the problems are sorted I am getting 58mpg. I mainly sit at 50mph down the A17 for 20 miles so this helps! The economy in the warmer weather will be ace.

I'm impressed with the kit it came, it is similarly specced to my Civic, although I do miss my Civics glass roof! The auto wipers annoy me a little as there's no adjustment like the Civic, but the lights are great, as is the auto dimming mirror.

I realise that I'm comparing it to the Civic a lot, but for me anyway, the Civic take some beating.

I miss the foot rest form the Civic, as well as the glass roof, the Cupholders!!!, and the boot in the C4 is tiny compare to the boot in the Civiic and I miss the driving position of the Civic.

I am happy with the C4, it's definitely better than the Yaris we had before. It's comfy and I hope from this point forward reliable.

I'll update this every 5k mile or so. Posts from this point forward probably won't focus on the Civic as much haha.
Thu Jun 25 2020, 12:19pm
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Joined: Mar 05 2020
Location: NW, UK
Glad to hear it! Mine is an 06, with 165k miles and I picked it up for £530 with a full MOT!

Had issues with the DPF fluid being low, a coolant leak and a faulty break sensor but all smooth sailing now.

Hope you have many trouble free miles.

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