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C4 VTS 180bhp started cambelt change but didn't lock crank....

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Sun Nov 19 2017, 02:08pm
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Hi all,
I've just bought a 2005 C4 VTS 180 and as it has 89k miles and no record of cambelt change I ordered up a C4 Haynes manual, a cambelt kit and got stuck in! I've changed a few in my time so didn't worry that the vts ew10j4s wasn't covered in the manual - how hard could it be? Working merrily away as I have on all my previous PSA vehicles I was getting on very well and had the camshaft pulleys locked in position (rotated by turning the bolt in the camshaft pulley) and the crankshaft pulley marked with a dab of paint (not locked!!!!!) I cheerfully removed the cambelt and noticed that the crankshaft pulley had rotated about 90 degrees so I grabbed it and moved it back......very easily! After a bit more research I'm coming to the realisation the valves have probably been bent and I've made a major boo boo. Where would you advise I go from here? Might I have been lucky and not bent valves? Oh dear! I'm now sitting in the house massively depressed - I think this is potentially the worst mistake of my 20 year messing around with cars career! Any advice gratefully accepted.
Sun Nov 19 2017, 08:18pm

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With the 180 the correct tools are basically said to be required. There's a guide on the forum with the part numbers for all the locking tools. And a full guide on doing it for a 180.

Think the only way to see now is get the head off and inspect it. See what's happened.
Tue Nov 28 2017, 01:10pm
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Update - it's fixed! I was lucky and didn't bend any valves. For those who find themselves in a similar situation to me in the future do the following before pulling off the head.
Remove the top engine cover 6 X plastic clips twist through 90 degrees.
Remove coil pack 3x bolts and an electrical connection.
Remove the plugs.
Put drinking straws into the plug holes (make sure they are long enough not to go right in!)
Carefully so the crank doesn't rotate put the aux belt pulley back on.
Get a friend with the correct Citroen flywheel locking tool to lie under the car and push it into the 20mm hole above the driveshaft - hard to find.
Carefully rotate the crank by hand using the aux belt pulley making sure the highest Pistons are dropping watch the straws. Your friend will be putting pressure on the tool and you will hear it against the flywheel when the Pistons are all level if you are lucky it will clunk into the locking hole.
Finish changing the cambelt
Remove all locking tools and once car has been rebuilt try and start it, if it does you've got away with it, celebrate. If not your valves are probably bent and you didn't, cry - then get onto eBay and look for another engine!
Tue Nov 28 2017, 03:17pm
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Glad to hear that worked out! Well done.
Sat Oct 19 2019, 05:09pm
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The EW10J4S engine has a floating timing belt crankshaft pulley. Not knowing that before undertaking the job was the mistake you made.

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