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"Clank" sound

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Mon Oct 02 2017, 05:42am
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Joined: May 22 2017
Location: London
Hi All,

I own a GP Exclusive+ 2014 2.0L BlueHdi.

I noticed a "clanking" sound - sound like a spoon hitting a saucepan coming from under the back of the car when I drive slow in side streets or sometimes when moving off. It seem to happen when

1. Slow driving
2. Moving off
3. Slowing down

It's quite random. Some days hear it more and some days less. Seem to happen more when I'm alone in the car (when the car is light).

What could be the problem?

About a month ago I had all breaks front and rear changed at the main dealers there was no such sound before this work, could this be related? I don't know too much about the mechanics so cannot point fingers.

Tue Oct 03 2017, 05:05am
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Joined: Jan 18 2017
Location: Warwickshire
I guess you've checked there's nothing rattling around in the spare wheel cavity?

As you mention you've had the brakes recently changed, maybe one of them is binding or something. Can you tell if it's one side or the other?
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 Duck999 (03 Oct 2017 : 10:31)
Tue Oct 03 2017, 06:17am
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Joined: Nov 18 2012
Location: derbyshire
Check the exhaust pipe brackets, that one hasn't snapped from the body of the exhaust & is rattling

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 Duck999 (03 Oct 2017 : 10:31)
Tue Oct 03 2017, 10:33am
Member No: #48434
Joined: May 22 2017
Location: London
It does sound like it is something to do with the exhaust as the brakes works perfectly. I'll get under the car when it's sunny and see if I can find the problem - will upload a photo if possible!
Tue Nov 14 2017, 04:37pm
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Joined: May 22 2017
Location: London
I think I've found the problem :

- Click Here -

It's a known rear axle issue!

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