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Modified DS4 DS4-R

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Sun Sep 17 2017, 02:36am
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Joined: Sep 14 2017
Location: Uk
There's little modified DS4

I've had a c2 VTR and C4 Cachet in at last 4 years as a second car and think Citroen are good cars underrated
I'm looking to upgrade the C4 to a DS4 in a couple of months.
The DS4-R shows the potential of the DS4.
But little parts out there to replicate off the shelf.
Of course you got the Coilovers or springs, spacers or 9.0J wheels, universal splitters and side skirts, air filter exhaust and remap, custom spray job to achieve anything close to the DS4

Anyone one had a pop at modding their DS4?
Sun Sep 17 2017, 11:27am

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Location: Manchester
Don't think many have done much to a DS4. I have seen a couple lowred and they are hugely improved stance wise. Never personally liked the high ride height especially as it was supposed to be the replacement for the C4 coupe.

Musketier do some bits for them as well so worth checking out.

I think some decent offset wheels which are wide and lowering alone would make a huge difference.

Paint wise. I think that's the bit that's easy. You could do that with plastidip as it's a Matt paint job. Ideal thing to do it with and it's cheap and capable of being done on your own.

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