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Is Eurotunnel still 'Fit for Purpose'.

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Thu Sep 28 2017, 06:34pm
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I used to use the Hull routes years ago when we lived in the North West. Its good. I remember on one of the trips, 1990 ish off to Vienna, my wife had a new Company provided car - top spec Cavalier - and I managed to cover 100 miles in one hour in Germany. You need to max out well above 100 to keep the average up over that distance, never done it since.

Regarding the Belgian security question asked above, went in late June via Calais and no particularly obvious delays, family member flew out for a weekend late August and was advised to check in to Brussels airport earlier than usual but nothing spectacular to report. We were in Mechelen and Bruges, with half a day in Oostende and I guess there might have been a few more police around there but no so you would notice.

2 things of note travelling by road (but it won't affect Zebrugge routing). One is on the A16 near the France/Belgium border both ways there are shed loads of cameras on overhead gantries, and they look more like security than speed cameras. Best stick to the limit though -
its 120 in Belgium not 130. Second is on the A16 coming from Belgium into France (think its J65 or thereabouts) all traffic is diverted off, round the junction roundabout and back on, with plenty of Douanes and Police peering at vehicles on the roundabout and pulling odd ones off for checks. It does create a tailback. All done with cones but the state of the road makes me think its more or less a permanent arrangement. Might be inconvenient if you are on last minute for a Calais or Dunkirk crossing (can you still cross from Dunkirk I wonder?)
Fri Sep 29 2017, 05:32am

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Yes, there's still a crossing from Dover to Dunkirk. It's DFDS, aimed at trucks going east to Germany and beyond. Cars are secondary and crossings can be cheap, but Dunkirk is the very north-eastern tip of France, handy for Champagne and Alsace but not the best choice for holiday makers heading south/south west.

I've used the A16 many times (filling up will diesel and vino at E.Leclerc Outreau near Boulogne) and unlikely to be thrashing it. In fact, the only thing that'll get a hammering is the speed limiter!
Sun Oct 28 2018, 08:14am
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I'd fill it with concrete and build loads more ferries and sail from all other UK ports to other EU ports and miss out France altogether.
Sun Oct 28 2018, 08:29am

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Wouldn’t help for those of us that love France
Sun Oct 28 2018, 08:59am
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FrankBullitt wrote ...

Wouldn’t help for those of us that love France

Marcon is wanting to make it hard for Britain so why should we make it easy for him. You could travel to France from Belgium. Its a small price to pay and you might even find you like those other countries just as much as you like France. I like France its just that its full of French people

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