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C4 Picasso Feel EAT6 120HP - 5 seater - Caravan Towing Questions

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Tue Aug 29 2017, 11:07am
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I've had the PJ66 Reg C4 for 6 months now, I like it but am only averaging about 54mpg - similar to previous ETG predecessor. Anyway, I'm contemplating buying a caravan and wonder if anyone has experience of towing with the C4 Picasso and ETA box. The potential; caravan would be at no more than maximum recommended weight, spotted the Elddis Xplore 422, but ideally would be much less at 80% of maximum.
Also, looks like the best tow bar option is one with a detachable ball and using a dedicated, model specific, wiring harness. Given the heavy use off electronics in the car, a Citroen supplied harness I assume. Any feedback on these aspects would be very welcome.
Wed Aug 30 2017, 04:09am

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I'll move this to the right section for you as it might not get much help in here.

The Elddis Xplore 422 has a MTPLM of 1200kg so you have a 'match' of 77% - be aware that the Citroën kerbweight is not remotely accurate the figure you need to use is the 'mass in service' which is 1555kg. From a stability and weight perspective you are absolutely fine.

What you do need to check is the gross weight of your car and the gross train weight, Citroën and Peugeot often allow you to trade payload against towed weight - your car is type approved for 1600kg but I bet the difference between the gross train weight and gross weight is not 1600kg! Our car can tow 1550kg but at full payload this drops to 1350kg. You can see these figures in the sticker on your passengers door, there will be four figures quoted and you need to look at the highest two (the other two are front and rear axle loads).

Also depending on when you passed your license (i.e. after Jan 1st 1997) if the gross train weight is over 3500kg then you need to pass the B+E license test - the gross weight of your car is 2205kg so in your case this won't be an issue (2205kg + 1200kg = 3405kg)

So that's the good news. Your car will be fine but be aware performance will be a little limited - our caravan is 1229kg MTPLM and that's the reason we swapped our 1.6HDi DS4 for the 2.0, as we were planning to tour in France - performance wise I have no issues but you might need to be a bit patient on hills for example.

Enjoy it though we don't regret buying a caravan one little bit and the layout for the 422 looks superb

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