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2007 Citroen C4 Loeb coupe 1.6 Hdi intermittant starting issue :( Help!

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Sun Aug 20 2017, 04:00pm
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Joined: Feb 23 2015
Location: Norfolk
Hi all.
Well it's eventually happened, the C4 has developed a problem, I can't find.
The car's done 100k and been serviced on time, but now we seem to have a gremlin..
The car starts all week and does 350 miles per week, then one day you go to it and she will just turn over without starting...
Now we have changed the ign key reader, swapped to the spare key and also changed the stalk unit on the column....
As we have been told they can cause problems, but alas after a week and a half, the one day start no start happens again.
We have kind of stumbled across a thing that if you bash the steering wheel hard on the side it will fire up and go? Sometimes once or three bonks will work....
We just don't know where else to look, as we now think it must be a connection or something..?
Has anybody else come across this problem that may shed some light on it for us.. we love the car and don't want to send it to an early grave, but as you can imagine the fear of it not starting when the other half is mile's away is just no good
Once its running it will keep going until you stop again and then its ok for a few more times...
Any help or pointers would be appreciated.
Just to add, no fault lights or codes thrown up either....

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