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C4 vts HDI lack of power

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Tue Aug 08 2017, 02:08pm
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Joined: May 02 2017
Location: wales
Hi, I have a lovely c4 coupe vts HDI 2007, it's great on fuel and bar a dual mass I had to change recently it's been great, I don't really hammer it as i use the cruise control a lot but when I do floor it, it really doesn't like it, the throttle travel up to halfway down is ok, hence town driving and generally getting to 70 on a motorway is fine but anything more than half throttle it's as if it's spluttering or holding back, is there a common issue with these? I'm thinking of checking the turbo vacuum pipes in case there is a split, also a little black smoke when I put the foot down, not massive but just enough I can notice in the mirror.

Any help would be amazing.


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