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Mirror link retro fit

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Tue Jul 18 2017, 11:01am
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Joined: Jul 18 2017
Location: Spain
Hi all just purchased a new Picasso 2017 5 seater here in Spain, I was assured by the company that the car would have miiror link and Android auto fitted as standard but to my annoyance the car arrived and did not have it fitted. Is there a software download that could be put on to the car to enable me to connect my Samsung galaxy S8+ to the 7 inch screen to use Google maps from my phone.
Fri Sep 13 2019, 12:04pm
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Joined: Jul 21 2015
Location: El Campello, Spain
I was under the understanding that my model c4 2015 was the last model without mirror link. I would love to have mirror link.
I have seen some gadgets that say that they will do this but you must have android system, which I don't believe my model has.
Fri Sep 13 2019, 04:07pm

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Location: Hoylake
Retro fitting is always tricky and not guaranteed to work as expected or indeed work at all. I expect it requires more than a software update, some hardware is likely to be required and the car's firmware altered to recognise any new device.

It may be more effective and easier to change the entire head unit.

Hopefully I'm completely wrong.
Sun Sep 15 2019, 04:30am
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There are 2 things to think about.

Hardware - the screens on the later versions - android auto compatible - are totally different form the earlier versions, even the wiring harness is different. When I last looked at the Citroen service website the only part numbers that were the same were the screws that hold the screen in. If you have the old screens it is very hard to change, you need a lot of parts.

Firmware - so it can talk to the phones (mirrorlink, carplay or android auto). I know that some early C3s had the right hardware but incompatible firmware, that was easy to upgrade and some good dealers did it for free during first service.

If you are lucky its a firmware issue, easy for a citroen dealer to resolve or perhaps do it yourself with care (mistakes can kill the system). If you are unlucky it's the hardware.

With the ignition on, press and hold the menu/settings button, gearwheel top left of screen area, after a few seconds it will display another menu. Look for system version - its will say "SMEG xxxx" and maybe look at display version as well. That should be enough for someone to tell you what you really have.

From memory SMEG 5.xxxx cars are not compatible, SMEG 6.xxxx are.

Was it a proper car dealership and can you reject the car because they mis-represented it?
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