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How to turn off Pneumatic Suspension after changing to Springs

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Mon Jun 05 2017, 01:37pm
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Joined: Mar 09 2016
Location: West Sussex
Hello, I have a 56 Plate C4 Grand Picasso 2.0HDI that had problems with it's pneumatic suspension. In January I bought a spring conversion kit but, due to time constraints, I had to have it fitted by a garage.
They didn't have the equipment to change the car's settings to stop getting the 'Suspension Faulty' warnings so I told them that I would do it.

I tried a lot of settings to no avail and then mortatube told me of this post: - Click Here - When I tried to follow this, I found that my menu's were different but from it was able to stumble my way through to finally stop my warnings from popping up. So if that post didn't work for you, you may like to try this:

All that was changed on my car was the airbags were replaced with the springs along with their plastic/rubber fittings. All other pipework, pumps, ECU's, fuses, etc remain in situ. I did try unplugging​ my suspension ECU in my quest to stop the warnings but this made even more faults pop up related to the EBD/ABS system and, as I have Xenon's, the lighting system so I reconnected it.

There are a lot of menus in diagbox that look pneumatic suspension related but I put every setting as original and below is the only setting I needed to change. My suspension faults were clear when I made this change. If your car has faults logged, it is probably best to clear them before changing the car's configuration. This is how I did it:

Without the engine running but with the iginition on, connect OBD lead to computer and open Diagbox.

After it has accepted your car, click 'Repair'

Highlight 'Built-in Systems Interface (BSI) and click green 'Tick'

Click 'Configuration'

Click 'Manual Configuration'

Click 'Vehicle Configuration'

Click 'Driving Assistance'

Highlight 'Presence of a rear ride height corrector unit (pneumatic suspension)' Click green 'Tick'

Click 'No'

Click 'Two Cogs Symbol' to save the updated configuration

Exit diagbox

Disconnect lead to computer.

The aforementioned post says you may have to reset the BSI as described here - Click Here - I didn't need to do this but, if what I described didn't work for you, you may like to try doing that before giving up all hope.

I tested by loading the boot up with some heavy weights and bags of coal and when I closed the boot and open after opening and closing the drivers door, the compressor didn't attempt to pump which was a good sign and took it for a drive and got no warning. I did over 200 miles yesterday with 5 adults in the car and a boot full of stuff and, again, I had no pumping or suspension warning at any point.

I hope this works for you.
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Mon Jun 05 2017, 06:14pm
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Joined: Jan 08 2012
Location: East Sussex
Thank you. I will do that when I can get the computer and car to talk. It keeps saying connect VCI now. Typical.
Fri Jun 09 2017, 03:10pm
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Joined: Mar 09 2016
Location: West Sussex
I had that connection problem sometime ago then it just seemed to fix itself. Have you had any luck yet?
Tue Jun 20 2017, 11:32am
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Joined: Jan 08 2012
Location: East Sussex
Hi, I had to buy a new interface from Ebay as my original one went Kaput.

I did it yesterday, For the first time in about two years I have had no suspension warning and the Service light has gone off. Thank you. It seems to have worked.

I also used an aerosol of DPF cleaner as it went into limp mode. It seems to have done an excellent for very little effort. The brand I used was called K2, if you ever find the need to use some. (Other brands are available.)

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