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Handbrake and rolling

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Thu May 18 2017, 07:57pm
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Hi, just bought a 2013 C4P and I have a question about the handbrake, do you have to disengage it before driving if or do you just drive and it is turned off automatically?
Dealer is supposed to be getting me the handbooks but I don't want to damage anything in the mean time.
Thu May 18 2017, 11:21pm

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Just drive away - it automatically releases as you apply the throttle and release the clutch (if it's a manual), likewise it automatically activates when you turn the engine off.

The only time you need to apply the handbrake is in traffic. Releasing it manually is even rarer, if you do you need to have your foot on the brake (you can't release it manually unless your foot is on the brake) - this you might do on a rare occasion such as being parked on a steep hill and wanting to use move the car into a different position before applying the throttle.
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Fri May 19 2017, 10:27am
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