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2011 C4 - eMyWay - understanding all the version numbers - do I need to update? Bluetooth problem

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Mon Apr 10 2017, 07:20am
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Joined: Jan 24 2017
Location: uk
EDIT:L after a lot of digging around on the internet, i'm currently trying to install the firmware update myself via USB, from 2.0 (what it's currently on) to 2.85. Apparently this will fix the Bluetooth drop out issue also, so fingers crossed this works.

I've got bluetooth problems.

It's intermittent. It all pairs up fine with my HTC one M9. No issues. The moment any kind of music starts playing (say through Spotify), it disconnects the connection, then automatically reconnects - at which point I have to press source again, the music starts playing again, and after some time, it disconnects, and the cycle starts again.

Sometimes it will work for 20-30 minutes with no issue. Most of the time it's 20-30 seconds, and then 3-4 minutes each time.

I've tried it on my Samsung Galaxy S6 - its the same issue, so it's not the phone.

I've tried all kinds of combinations - not using spotify but another media player like YouTube. Or not using 'all' mode but selecting 'hands free' or 'audio only' when the phone pairs. It makes no difference.

The disconnections appear to be totally random, and independent of what is app is outputting audio on the phone, or what mode it's connected in.

I called up Citroen - they charge £79.99 for software updates, or £35 to just check what software version it is and see if an update is available.

I don't care about the sat nav - what i'm wondering is if the software update, if there's one available, would fix this bluetooth problem?

By holding down the 'setup' button - here's the info i gathered:

Unit reference: 9667019180
CD number: 6183
SW Version unit: RNEG2.0.K.R3

Then pressing the knob button on the right, it cycled through different numbers in the SW Version unit row:

- 201007301600 (maybe the time/date the unit was first initialized?)
- CD: 6183
- BR: 6.69j1
- CD_FW:2d
- FP:00.05.01
- GSM: ---
- BT: 4.35.1 (bluetooth version number??)
- 70d 10h2
- HDD 0d 0h0
- dbdwnl:243
- Grpo 4:53

So my question is:

1. Does anyone recognise my bluetooth problem above and have been able to fix it?
2. Does anyone know if I have the latest eMyWay software installed or not, or what is the latest version number?
3. For anyone carrying the latest version, can you tell me what the Bluetooth version number is on it? (I'm assuming bluetooth is the BT:xxx thing)
4. Are eMyWay versions vehicle specific or is exactly the same system across the C4/C4 GP/DS4 range?

Thank you.
Hope I get this sorted coz it's doing my head in having to cope with the disconnect/reconnect loops and waiting for that 1/10 chance of it working for longer than 20 minutes.......please help me!

I don't want to pay £79.99 only to find the bluetooth hasn't changed and its all been a waste of money!

EDIT1: Finding some useful info digging around the net, so far:
- Click Here -
2004-xxxx Citroen C4
2004-2006 NaviDrive RT3
2006-2010 NaviDrive RT4 / 5
2009-2011 myway
2011-2015 eMyWay
2015-xxxx SMEG +

2012-xxxx Citroen C4 Aircross
2012-xxxx Mitsubishi / Rockford HDD

2014-xxxx Citroen C4 Cactus
2014-xxxx SMEG +

2006-xxxx Citroen C4 Picasso
2006-2007 NaviDrive RT3
2007-2012 NaviDrive RT4 / 5
2009-2012 myway
2012-2013 eMyWay

2013-2016 (C4 Picasso II-1) + SMEG

2016-xxxx (C4 Picasso II-2) Citroen Connect Nav

Apparently I can update RT6 via USB as it uses a hard drive - and the files are on the net...... I'll continue posting my findings and if I manage to update it myself!
Wed May 17 2017, 06:13pm
Member No: #48386
Joined: May 17 2017
Location: Norfolk
Hi, did you get any further with this? The latest version is 2.86. I had the Bluetooth issues you described and was previously running 2.07. After the update it was noticeably improved. I can give you the info to upgrade to 2.86 if you need it. Just be aware that it can cause issues with echos on the hands free phone.
Wed Jul 12 2017, 04:45am
Member No: #48897
Joined: Jul 12 2017
Location: East Sussex
Could you supply me with info on the 2.86 upgrade? My local dealer isn't even sure of the version I am running.
Mon Apr 29 2019, 05:36pm
Member No: #53620
Joined: Apr 29 2019
Location: England
Hi, could you possibly provide the info to upgrade to 2.86? Think it will be worth me giving this a go. Thanks!

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