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Replacing with New OEM DAB Head Unit + Factory Reset Help Needed

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Wed Feb 15 2017, 01:29pm
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Hi, I have searched the forum but cant find the answer I require. I have a 1.6 VTR + 2012 C4 Hatchback with what I believe is a RD5 Head Unit. It has issues with Bluetooth Audio Quality which Citroen seem to know nothing about but seems to be a common issue within this forums users. I was thinking of replacing the head unit but I would like a DAB one instead. I don't like the DAB upgrades Citroen offer, id prefer it all to be in a OEM Head unit, I believe its offered on 2013 onward models. What is the name of this head unit and does anybody know where I can get one from? Would it be a Main Dealer only purchase?
Also, how do I factory reset my current head unit as I want to see if this cures my Bluetooth audio issues.
thanks in advance
Wed Feb 15 2017, 03:39pm

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I believe there is a suitable RD5 DAB head unit which is used in later C4s as well as DS3s and other models. I would expect a new one from a Citroen would cost a leg and an arm. Google can't locate a used one.

It should be identical and a straight swap as the RD5 HU integrates with the fascia panel and its buttons.

You will also need to examine your existing roof aerial, housing and cable to make sure it is DAB compatible.

I'm afraid I don't know if the RD5 can be reset, and if it can, whether that will improve your BT quality. You also need to check the BT output of your device. The BBC iPlayer Radio gives good sound via the RD5 from my LG G5 on Nougat.
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