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DV6C Engine Type and BHP info

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Tue Jan 10 2017, 11:52am
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Joined: Oct 13 2013
Location: Donegal
Hello People, just looking for a bit of info in regards to my mark 1 2013 e-hdi 1.6hdi C4 Picasso platinum,
I bought it new in October 2013, it now has 36,000 miles, it had the basic service at the Citroen dealer since new.
Recently I was going to change the fuel filter and used micksgarage to order it using my car reg etc.
But while going to install the filter I realised its a different type of fuel filter for this car, and every online or motor factors will bring up the same older 16v type fuel filter when using my car reg.
Its then that I logged into the citroen service website to lookup my car using the VIN number.
It states that my car is a C4 PICASSO ESTATE - LEISURE 1.6 e-Hdi 115bhp (DV6C) piloted manual gearbox 6 (With stop and start)
I thought these cars where 82kw 110bhp as written on my service book when bought new.
I don't see the older c4 picasso with a 115bhp engine anywhere online like parkers or anywhere else.
I now know my engine type but what is the correct kw/bhp of my car, its only in the early newer mark 2 picasso I see this engine bhp.
And did the dealer put down the wrong info for my car, hence my reg parts issue.

Thanks & Sorry for the big story..
Tue Jan 10 2017, 12:08pm
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Checking parts compatibility by reg number is very hit & miss. The best way is to use the VIN (and possibly the RPO) as you've found out!

Also, be cautious of using pattern parts especially fuel filters. There have been reports on here about them falling apart & causing fuel starvation.
Tue Jan 10 2017, 12:23pm

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Check your VIN - you want the 6th, 7th and 8th digits for your engine code. For example: VF7LANFU would have an engine code of NFU (1.6 TU5JP4).

Your engine code indicates exactly what model engine you have.

Tue Jan 10 2017, 04:28pm
Member No: #32816
Joined: Oct 13 2013
Location: Donegal
Yea thanks for that.
I had checked out the engine code in my VIN e.g VF7UA9HR8 and it is showing its the DV6C engine, its labelled on the side too.
Have you any idea in regards to the 115bhp it's showing in the Citroen service site with my VIN.
I wonder are other models the same as mine showing the 115bhp from there VIN.

Wed Jan 11 2017, 05:02am

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Yours is 110bhp - you are quite right in that the B78 got the 115bhp version. What physical differences there are I don't know though.
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Wed Jan 11 2017, 08:41am
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Thanks Pal

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