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Citroen C4 - 1.6 THP Exclusive 5d EGS Gearbox problems?

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Tue Dec 27 2016, 05:43am
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Joined: Dec 27 2016
Location: Kent
Hello everyone,

I'm considering buying a 2011 C4 1.6 THP with the EGS Gearbox - I've read some reviews absolutely slating it, I was wondering if any real world everyday users could shed any light on whether this is a car to avoid or not?

Many thanks,
Tue Dec 27 2016, 06:36am
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Location: Hove
I'm happy with mine. Just have a read of the buyers guide on here to make sure you are familiar with potential issues.
Tue Dec 27 2016, 06:53am

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Joined: Jan 22 2007
Location: Hoylake
The vast majority of EGS boxes are fine and the owners love them. If they do go wrong you do need a knowledgeable transmission workshop, not one who perpetuates the myth that "they all do that" and offers to (not) fix it for a minor fortune.
Tue Dec 27 2016, 08:13am
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Location: North Norfolk UK
I have had my 1.6hdi EGS for 8 years and 88,000 miles. Its been the best gearbox I have ever had! In fact I would have changed the car but can't find a new model with the same gearbox so its a keeper.
Several have written about jerky gear-changes - not mine - apart from the display telling me about what gear I am in in auto mode I would never know what gear I am actually in. No jerky starts either.
It has a sport mode which is really brilliant. You are contemplating an overtake, put it in sport mode and it will usually drop a gear, floor the throttle and you are off, don't worry about over revving as the car will change up in a few milliseconds to the next gear without you lifting off. Far faster than a human can manage. Or - you can drive in manual mode with the flappy paddles but why bother, most of the time the car really does know best.

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