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Fuel Tank Topping Off

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Thu Dec 22 2016, 03:35pm
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Joined: Dec 19 2016
Location: Israel

I wanted to inquire regarding fuel tank topping off.

The other day I was fueling after a relatively long drive (60 miles), after I was running empty.
I filled the tank full, including a couple of squeezes after the pump cut-off.
I understand from the owner's manual that this can be done up-to three (3) cut-offs; after that, the car can malfunction.

Can someone help me understand this please?

The next day I've noticed a couple of fuel streaks running from the cap down the rear wing (and I know it didn't happen while fueling, because I take extra care not spill any on the paint).

Could this be the malfunction?

Is there anything else I should look out for?

Appreciate the help!
Fri Dec 23 2016, 12:28pm
Member No: #28268
Joined: Nov 22 2012
Location: north wales
Hi Daniel
I drive the diesel version and I always fuel up untill i can see the fuel in the pipe. There is never any streaks on my car unless i haved spilled fuel when taking the nozzle out. I do fuel up when I leave for a journey though
I do not see a problem the way you are doing it.

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