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Not the usual Cruise control issue

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Mon Nov 28 2016, 08:01am
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Hi all

I have owned a C4 VTR+ 1.6 HDi Coupe for around 7 months now and put a lot of motorway miles on it. When I first bought it the cruise control and limiter worked perfectly, however recently they have both gone haywire. I have seen lots of posts on cruise control but none seem to fit my symptoms so I am oping for some help...

The cruise control will control speed but the buttons have become all mixed up; to start it you have to press pause, then pressing pause again sends the speed up 1mph, same with the down button, up button lowers speed. Sometimes if you do too much button pressing initially it will turn off and throw up a service light...

The Lin system allows you to set a speed on the display (again using mixed up buttons) but does not activate.

A colleague has told me today that I have a brake light out and I have read about a link between the 2. Failing that has anyone else seen these symptoms?

Many thanks.
Mon Nov 28 2016, 09:01am

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See this FAQ: - Click Here -
Mon Nov 28 2016, 09:12am
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I did see this and the Throttle switch option as well and will have a look in to it. I am hoping someone has seen my specific fault before (mixed up buttons) or can confirm what the symptoms might be a result of (hardware vs software etc.).

I would imagine that failed or faulty pedal switch would cause the system to fail all together rather than go loopy like mine has.

Mon Nov 28 2016, 05:11pm
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My steering buttons swapped functions. Cruise would randomly speed up/cancel or throw a fault. My ok and mode button swapped functions. I bought a used steering button set from ebay and all is now well. I posted a "how too" change the steering controls/airbag etc. Only takes about 15 mins.
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 countfreddie (29 Nov 2016 : 04:41)
Tue Nov 29 2016, 04:42am
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Location: Leamington Spa
That sounds familiar. Great stuff, I will douse the switch in IPA (the cleaner, not he precious booze) tonight and see if it can be cleaned up. Failing that I will get the switch swapped out.


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