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C4 AUTO gearbox 1.6hdi

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Tue Oct 25 2016, 08:27am
Member No: #46566
Joined: Oct 22 2016
Location: Bournemouth
Hi all, I have a vtr+ auto hdi and noticed at around 75mphere and you put your foot down it seems to struggle or not very instant. It's like it hesitates or slips. Hadn't noticed it until the other day. Do they all seem like this? It's a 2012 however I do have a 2 year warranty and only done 2000 miles since purchase from a main Citroën dealership.

Any information would be great


Tue Nov 01 2016, 02:19pm
Member No: #46586
Joined: Oct 24 2016
Location: CPH
I am also interested in how to detect slippage or similar troubles with the gearbox or clutch. My 2011 C4 e-HDi somehow shakes when you press the gas harder from stop and I have some strange feeling that it slips on 2nd and higher gear when pressing the gas harder to accelerate. It has 1 more month of warranty and I better find out if anything is wrong.

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