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Improving ride/handling.

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Fri Sep 30 2016, 02:21am
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Joined: Jan 03 2015
Location: Lancashire
Hi folks,

For any of you who have fitted lowered springs and dampers how would you say the ride compares to stock?

My VTS180 as standard had a terrible ride and i dont think it is wear and tear as its been bad since i got it with 26k miles (now on 39k).

I have now fitted B14 Bilsteins and new top mounts and the ride is almost unbearable! Its definitely less crashy, but the primary ride is far to bouncy and secondary ride transmits everything. It improved very marginally after fitting 25mm spacers all round but it has me wondering if the dampers are somehow faulty.

PS, it now handles incredibly, very fast turn in and more balanced/rear biased.
Tue Oct 04 2016, 05:25am

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Location: Manchester
There will always be a trade off when it comes to handling vs ride quality. Thats the nature of sporty cars. Even the higher end premium cars suffer from the same thing as soon as you look at suspension designed around increasing handling the ride suffers.

RUnning coilovers something design for the racetrack in reality is going to give a bad ride. It will also depend on how low you have them set, tyre pressures, etc etc etc. It all comes into it. Personally I never found the B14's that bad and I ran on 18" wheels. I had them set to virtually as low as they would go in the rear, and the front was about 1.5-2cm from being on the lowest.

It was harsh over rough roads but normal it wasn't bad at all.

If it doesn't feel good to you though, you could swap out to some lower rate springs it'll bring some roll back but may give you a bit more comfort.
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 bobbyla (13 Oct 2016 : 04:09)
Thu Oct 13 2016, 04:18am
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Joined: Jan 03 2015
Location: Lancashire
I totally get what your saying about the trade off, but disagree about other premium and high end cars ride suffering. Perhaps it has to do with the 'bread and butter' nature of hatchback suspension not being capable of offering comfort AND performance.

I'm lucky enough to have driven friends and family's high performance cars and can tell you even the most hardcore machines ride better than my C4 on B14's just halfway down with stock wheels.

My old fella has a 991 RS 4.0 that rides as nice as, if not better than a std VTS. And his M4 is definitely smoother over broken tarmac. Also i sampled a early McLaren MC12 of a clients and it rides like an S-Class in comparison to as stock VTS.

Dont get me wrong, subjectively a lot of the crashiness has gone and controllablity is vastly improved with the B14's but its still nowhere near my mates Megane R26 in terms of comfort.

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