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Fuse box issue

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Wed Aug 31 2016, 12:00pm
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Location: Dorset
I did add this comment to an existing thread but I fear its not being seen. According to the handbook we have a type 2 fuse box layout but I can't locate fuses for the 12v sockets as the diagrams in the handbook don't resemble what I can see.

Has anyone else had the same issue. Didn't really want to go to the dealer for what should be a simple diy task !

Here is the other thread that does not conclude...
- Click Here -

Below is my comment. Any ideas/ help very welcome.

James, did this help you? I've got the same problem of the 12v sockets having blown fuses, but for the life of me I can't make sense of the diagrams as they don't resemble what I see. Access to the glove box fuses looks almost impossible due to the amount of cabling positioned in front. The fuses I can get a glimpse of don't match anything I can see I the handbook.
Any help would be appreciated.
Fri Sep 02 2016, 01:40pm
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I remember seeing a post somewhere about the mess that is the fuse box. I think our French colleagues over at Planete Citroen have discovered the same issue. There might be some possible information here:

- Click Here -

Mon Oct 10 2016, 02:44pm
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Location: Burton-on-Trent
Not sure if you've fixed it yet.
My initial thoughts having blown 12V socket fuses was first, where are the fuses???
Having pushed aside the looms so I could see the Type 2 fuseboard, I concluded like you it looked nothing like the graphic in the manual.
Only when I looked again the next day, with a powerful torch, did I realise it WAS the same as the manual but with a lot more fuses fitted!
The fuses numbers are actually there so finding fuses F13 and F14 was then fairly easy. The two red 10 amp ones together.
To remove them though the supplied tool is useless. I used a very long pair of pointed nose pliers.
Mon Oct 10 2016, 02:54pm
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Joined: Aug 28 2016
Location: Dorset
Thanks for that. Must admit I had given up and was waiting until my next service to get the dealer to sort. But seeing as you've managed it I'll give it another go. Did you have to move/force any of the looms out of the way to access?
Big thanks again for the reply.
Tue Oct 11 2016, 04:01am
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Joined: Mar 21 2016
Location: Burton-on-Trent
I didn't really have to 'force' the looms, just push them aside really. That gives a gap enough to shine a light through and get the pliers in.
Putting the new ones in, I could only start the fuses going in with the pliers, I then had to get my thumb in to force it home.
So the hole between the looms was big enough to get my hand in... just!
As I say, look for the horizontal red fuses, one on top of the other.
They are the fuses for the front and boot sockets.
But as for the rear socket, not found that. I have another thread going for that!
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 SpeedChimp (11 Oct 2016 : 14:06)
Sat Jan 04 2020, 06:36am
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Have you found the fuse for the console 12V socket?
Tue Jan 07 2020, 06:52am
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Location: Dorset
Hi Ray,

I ended up getting the dealer to do it when car went in for a service.

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