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Roofbars for 2016 Grand Picasso

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Tue Aug 30 2016, 06:07am
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Joined: Aug 30 2016
Location: herts
Hello - I have a 2016 Grand Picasso with the factory option roofrails fitted. I now want roof bars so I can add a bike rack and/or roofbox.
Are these the roofrails that are considered "flush" if you look at a general roofbars site please?
Anyone got any experience and recommendations please?
Also we ideally want to be able to go out with 4 or 5 bikes - what are the best options please?
Many thanks for any help given!
Sat Jul 22 2017, 08:42am
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Joined: Jan 10 2012
Location: london
did you get an answer for this, we are also considering purchasing roof rack
Sat Jul 22 2017, 12:13pm
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Joined: Oct 11 2016
Location: Cambridge
Maybe worth looking at mickgarage.com, I got set of bars for a C4 Pic from them and was well pleased with the quality and the service.

When I had a Citroen Synergie we could carry 4 people + 4 bikes inside - 2 people in front, 1 in middle row and one behind them so you had the full load length of half the car available. Not sure you could manage that in a GP but worth a think/try.
Sun Jul 23 2017, 03:38am
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Joined: Mar 04 2014
Location: Swansea UK
I was also looking for roof bars for our 2016 (66 plate) GP and found many "suitable" ones on ebay for around the £120-140 range.

I then went to our local Citroen dealer and he supplied us with a pair for £120. Genuine Citroen bars and they look good on the car.

We also purchased a Thule Ranger 90 roof bag which has been great on our trip to the Algarve so far. Easy to put on, a cinch to take off and it rolls up for storage.

As the 2016 GP can't take a spare wheel under the car, we have a space saver in the roof bag. Not too heavy to lift in and out either.
Sun Jul 23 2017, 04:04am

Member No: #19238
Joined: Apr 12 2011
Location: Cambridgeshire
There is another thread that discusses this, but Roof Box Company do a selection of bars including for cars with and without rails; if you go for the Citroën ones the only downside is that when you change your car the bars won't work on a new one (unless you get the same), where as Thule et-al much of the kit is interchangeable
Sun Jul 23 2017, 08:29am
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Joined: Oct 11 2016
Location: Cambridge
The Citroen ones are very nice and not too badly priced, but as others have said you cant just buy another 'foot' and use on a different car.

The other reason I went with a different brand (Nordrive as it happens on my rail less model) is that the Citroen ones curve down at the end to meet the foot precisely, independent ones are more conventional in that the bar sits above and extends beyond the foot so you get both a longer flat section and something to easily tie straps around. It depends what you want to use it for, but for multiple things (like roofbox plus a bike) the longer flat section might be helpful. I Guess there is no difference with the ones that fit to roof rails but worth looking at the pictures.
Sun Jul 23 2017, 11:55am

Member No: #19238
Joined: Apr 12 2011
Location: Cambridgeshire
That's a good point regarding the aftermarket ones - our Thule bars are much wider than the Citroën ones, we easily get three bikes on ours.

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