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Tue Nov 08 2016, 02:05pm

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Location: Hoylake
I have to agree and I'm sorry to hear to horror the east Asian ditchfinders caused.

A similar thing nearly happened to me. After the last service, the dealer said I need two, arguably four, new tyres. They offered to fit "some cheap tyres" there and then. I asked how much Michelins, identical to those already on the car, would cost. They said they didn't supply Michelins! I was stunned, considering the long standing tie-ins between Citroen and Michelins.

I went along to Costco and had four Michelins fitted for £250. And they've been fine.
Tue Nov 08 2016, 03:59pm
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routemaster1 wrote ...

FrankBullitt wrote ...

Last weekend I went to see my mum and dad on the North East Coast and Saturday was a howler weather-wise, unfortunately I had a little issue on Saltburn Bank - coming off the top bend in 2nd I completely lost traction from the tyres as I tried to accelerate - I went for first (quickly) but again traction was awful and I had to scrabble up the hill in 1st gear - it seems the front 'EP Tyres' are awful in the wet, I had noticed the wheel being a bit light at times but wasn't prepared for the complete loss of traction; the back tyres (Michelin SuperSport) have 3mm left so I have bitten the bullet and bought 4 which are being fitted tomorrow for £760 (ouch!), shame the dealer had put such awful tyres on the front.

I wish dealers wouldn't do this. My local dealer seems to fit all sorts of rubbish, which I suppose are the cheapest they can get.
Unfortunately they often seem to put incorrect load rating on as well. I obviously don't know whether this at the instigation of the agent or the suppliers, but there often seems to be issues with one or the other.

The issue with the EP tyres (Malaysian, are they E marked)is lack of grip. This may me a nuisance when accelerating, but could be deadly if they don't grip when braking. Good on you for your decision to change them!

EDIT. Sorry all. Screwed up a simple edit!!!
Sat Nov 12 2016, 05:23pm

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The difference is night and day - of assumed the steering was lighter due to the heavier engine and over-assistance but no, it was just the awful tyres. The steering now feels substantially more positive and the front end grip is superb, really impressed.

It's a genuinely lovely car to own, and just got better! It frustrates me that they could have said to me 'oh, the tyres are low enough on tread that we need to replace them so we can fit ditch-finders or for £100 a corner we will do it properly' - I would have happily paid.

Thu Mar 09 2017, 07:19am

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Joined: Apr 12 2011
Location: Cambridgeshire
Not a happy bunny.

A couple of months ago I drove the car and noticed a slight 'surging' around 2000rpm when pulling away from a roundabout and simply assumed it was one of those things to do with air temperature/ engine temperature/ time of the month etc. and have it no thought. Then in mid Feb I drove the car to my in-laws and again noticed a surging at around 2000rpm in the upper gears which could be consistently replicated. I booked the car into Duxford who can only take it next week as I need a courtesy car.

In the meantime the issue has become more noticeable and on Tuesday I eventually worked it out - the clutch is slipping. I've never driven a turbo diesel with a slipping clutch before but it's become apparent what happens is the clutch slips, the turbo stops pushing, the torque reduces, the clutch stops slipping, the turbo starts pushing, the clutch slips and so-on. Now I've worked it out I'm driving around it as best as possible (keeping below 1800rpm in the main or changing speed as I go through 2000rpm reasonably slowly). I'm hoping this is down to a fault as otherwise the chances of it being replaced under warranty are slim I'd imagine. I am not a happy bunny to say the least. The clutch has always felt slightly heavy and mechanical which I put down to the more powerful 2.0 when compared to our old 1.6, perhaps it has always had an issue. I've only towed a few times and nothing that involved hills or any difficult low-speed driving so it can't be that.

Goes in next Wednesday (assuming the car doesn't expire at the side of the road in the meantime), hopefully they find a mechanical fault otherwise I could be down for both a clutch ad DMF... I'm currently driving the car as me being sat at the side of the road is an inconvenience where as Mrs FB and FB Junior is a real problem. Ironically, she is driving my otherwise reliable (touch wood) 12 year old 121k Audi A2 which is remapped and on its original and still seemingly perfect clutch!

Obviously I bought the DS4 used so if this is down to user error I can only assume the previous driver was one of these people that hold the car on the clutch at junctions, something which makes me cringe when I see (hear) it. Gutted and annoyed but at least it should be sorted for our caravan trip to the New Forest at Easter.

Otherwise, at 25k, the car is everything we both wanted it to be and especially when cleaned looks fantastic, it really gives me that 'look back at me' feel when I walk away - it averages 44.7mpg which is steadily creeping up as I use it! We had the second service done at the beginning of Feb which was all the filters plus a brake fluid change and wiper blades which cost the best part of £400.
Fri Apr 14 2017, 03:01pm

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Joined: Apr 12 2011
Location: Cambridgeshire
The clutch was given a clean bill of health, the only issue they could find was that the fuel tank had been run very low (it had a warning stored to this effect) which they recalibrated when I pointed out the lowest it has ever had is two segments - they did repeat the fault but couldn't find a source

Anyway, we're in the New Forest for a weeks caravan holiday and the car performed well ontneh way down the issue only occurring once on cruise in 5th at 60 going up a steep bit of dual carriageway but that was it - ultimately I will live with it.

29mpg towing, mind, which needs a recalibration if the mind!
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