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Noob here just purchased a Citroen C4 05 plate

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Thu Aug 25 2016, 08:18pm
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Joined: Aug 25 2016
Location: Wales
Hi, noob here, just introducing myself, first off what a great car!! However I have some issues with it just wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction, lets just say I have next to none mechanical knowledge, I have some but VERY VERY limited.

Just bought a citroen c4 05 plate. Great car, drives lovely, 5 doors which is a godsend! Massive amount of room internally and it even has AC!! it's an SX 1.4 petrol for those interested.

Basically I have a few (what I imagine to be small) problems with it.

Seems like my air conditioning isn't cold? Is this just a simple case of regassing it?

My front windows passenger side and drivers side buttons are a bit....temperemental if you will....sometimes the front drivers side will go down when pushing the up button? Anyone know anything of this?

the car has done 85k on the clock, has had no cambelt change and there is a slight oil leak in it, can't tell where it is coming from but if I go underneath the car there is a lot of oil and grime on the underneath of it, every time I've checked the oil since i've last bought it it's not changed and has remained the same level so I assume it's not a massive leak? don't have the money right now in regards to changing the cambelt but am looking at getting it done in the next couple of months which I will cover 2k miles at most, would anybody suggest changing it sooner or should this be okay for now?

The front brakes are squeaky, have been for the last 1.5 weeks in which i've owned it, they're very responsive and sharp but are squeaky, any idea how I can stop the squeaking?

The boot is very intermittent, sometimes it will open sometimes it won't, have put freeing fluid in it and it opened and closed about 25 times in a row after testing it over and over, when I got home about 20 minutes later I was about to show my family it's been fixed and it stopped opening again, it doesn't make the electronic clicking noise to open it just makes no noise and doesn't open, is this a problem with the boot mech or something else?

Lastly but definitely not least, a very small issue BUT those damn cupholders are ridiculously shallow!!! The amount of times i've had a drink fall out of them is beyond me, any fixes or cupholder mods if you will to sort this issue out?

Also I don't think this is anything at-all but whenver I dip the clutch and am about the change gear the gear stick moves slightly, it's barely ANYTHING, i just feel it move about a millimetre it's that small, but i've only ever had one car before so I have nothing to judge it on, is this anything to be concerned of?

Sorry for all the questions, just guess i'm a bit concerned and want to make sure my new car is in top shape as it's a beautiful car!
Fri Aug 26 2016, 05:20am
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Location: Bexhill on Sea
Welcome to C4Owners, I love the Mk1 C4!

I'm not an expert, but I'll try to help.
Air con, same as any car it could just need re gassing, but in my experience it's usually something else such as cracked condenser as it sits in the air stream and get hit by stones (on all cars not just C4) I believe if you take it Kwick fit, they will re gas, test and if the fix doeasn't last re fund you, ask them. (I wouldn't usually recomend them for most things but this sounds a good deal)
Window switches try contact cleaner from Maplins or similar. Some people have taken the driver door switch out to do this, but try in situ first.
Any car is likely to be oily at that age & mileage and could be from any where. Have a good look next time you change the oil?
Cambelt, it's roulette on that one, may be fine, maybe not! Often the water pump fails first, so listen to see if it's noisy (not sure where it is on your engeine, but most likely near the aux belt above the alternator.
Brakes could be if the car hasn't been used much recently, rust builds on the disks and takes some hard stopping to remove it.
Boot lock, almost certain to be the plastic flap over the microswitch getting stuck in. With the boot open look up inside the handle and you'll see it. With age the flap looses it's spring and stays depressed against the switch some of the time. Try prying it out slightly with a small screw driver. I have also put some foam rubber behind it to help it spring out.
Cup holders, sorry I never use them!
Clutch most likely the engine & gearbox moving slightly on the mountings, unless it moves enough to make a big clunck don't worry!

Obviously all just my long distance diagnoses, so if you're worried get a mechanic to look at it!

Lastly enjoy your C4!
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 Borklazer (26 Aug 2016 : 18:08)
Fri Aug 26 2016, 06:08pm
Member No: #45984
Joined: Aug 25 2016
Location: Wales
Thanks for the compliment, it's a great car apart from what i've mentioned and drives very nice!

Any idea where/what to look for in regards to the oil leak? when I get under the car it's coming from offside but can't tell where from as I have little to know mechanical knowledge, from what I read it can be a common fault with c4's that doesn't seem anything major, was thinking of just leaving as is for now and topping up with oil if need be until I take it to get a cambelt fitted then get it looked at the same time when they're already working on the engine?

Thanks for the informative reply aswell, shame there's no fix for them damn cupholders!!!
Grumpy GrandPa   
Sat Aug 27 2016, 10:15am
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usual thing with unidentified oil leaks is to clean with Gunk and a paint brush and jugs of hot water BUT NOT a pressure washer and then an old cloth to dry it all off.
Leave to finish off drying and then see where it weeps from - if it does.
Could also take the plastic engine undertray off if you are enthusiastic.

- Click Here -

according to google one US guy said "I get a gallon can of Gunk Concentrate and mix that with Kerosene (as per the Gunk instructions) ..... four gallons of Kero to that one of Gunk Concentrate.... this is cheap... works great.... very low in flammability .... spray on , leave as long as possible.. overnight, whatever.... then spray off just with water hose with thumb over end... If not clean enough.. let dry, repeat...."

Warning - do not do this with your car on a pristine driveway
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 Honest (28 Aug 2016 : 12:38)

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