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Portugal Electronic Autoroute Tolls

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Mon Aug 15 2016, 05:29am

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Can anyone throw any light on the Portuguse Electronic Autoroute Toll system for non-Portuguese cars without the the transponder?

It seems the way forward is to purchase a Tollcard with say €40 pre-paid and then register it. Then an SMS tells you when to top up with the distinct likelihood of there being unused credit on it when leaving Portugal. I guess they can be bought from Post Offices or similar, but I can see finding one immediately on arrival from Spain tricky.

Another option is EasyToll (no relation I hope!) which links your car number plate to your credit card, which I think needs to bought at one of the four border crossings:
A22 – Vila Real de Santo António;
A25 – Vilar Formoso;
A24 - Chaves;
A28 - Viana do Castelo
This would be my prefered choice as I have a international credit card (i.e. no foreign currency or transactions fees).

I'm struggling with Portuguese websites (mostly in Portuguese with lots of 404s). It seems I could have purchased card online. Sadly I'm going next week and there doesn't seem enough time to get anything posted to the UK. Mea culpa.

The AA and RAC have some useful info about driving practices in Portugal but nothing about the finer points of the electronic toll system - which, unsurprisingly, is not universally liked because of it's complexities for tourists.

Trip Advisor, as usual, never lets the facts get in the way of a horror story.
Thu Sep 08 2016, 02:39am
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A bit late responding to this thread but I have just returned from Portugal / Spain.

I drove from Santander in the North of Spain down to Vila Formosa to enter Portugal. At the border there was a lane sign-posted 'Foreign vehicles' which led to a point where it was just a case of handing your credit card to the attendant who issued a receipt to verify that your car was linked to the system.
I had no problems at all throughout my visit using this method.

Hope this is of help
Thu Sep 08 2016, 08:30am

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Joined: Jan 22 2007
Location: Hoylake
I knew about that but I entered Portugal via the A6 from Badajoz in Spain which is a conventional toll booth autoroute without any electronic toll pre-payment facility. At the end of the A2 towards Albufeira there was again no pre-purchase facility but there was a electronic toll gantry before the next exit which is on the A22.

I went to a post office to pay (€1.10) but there was no facility to pay. I could buy a scratch card but it would not be valid retrospectively. The clerk gave me a phone number where the guy was helpful but a) could not find my car on his system so could not take payment and b) gave me a URL to find my car but the address did not exist.

It's well known the electronic toll is next to useless for non Portuguese cars and the tourist board is arguing for easier payment systems as this sort of thing is happening all the time

I avoided the A22 on the way home and Portugal can sue me for €1.10 which I have offered to pay twice.

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