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Dual mass or single flywheel?

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Fri Jul 29 2016, 08:42AM
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Joined: Jul 03 2016
Location: wiltshire
Hi can someone tell me if I am likely to have a dual mass of single flywheel? We have a problem with severe clutch judder when we have been sat in stop start traffic, and just trying to weigh up options on getting it sorted but need to know if it's single of dual mass. its a 2008 C4GP 1.8 petrol last 8 of VIN is 45344173. I have looked on service box but can't make out which it is and hoping someone with more experience will be able to tell me.
Fri Jul 29 2016, 09:35AM
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Joined: Dec 15 2007
Location: Walsall West Midlands
I am sure only the diesel variants have DMFs
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 pauls0701 (29 Jul 2016 : 09:42)
Fri Jul 29 2016, 11:16AM
Member No: #45429
Joined: Jul 03 2016
Location: wiltshire
Thanks. I thought as much. Means that it must be a clutch fault rather than flywheel so won't be covered under warranty.
Fri Jul 29 2016, 03:33PM

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Joined: Apr 12 2011
Location: Cambridgeshire
Yes, it's a single mass flywheel - very few petrol engines have a DMF, the only one I can think of is the Porsche 968 with its 3.0 4-pot.
Tue Aug 09 2016, 04:01AM
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Joined: Jun 26 2016
Location: LONDON
Hi.i need help.i got c4 gp 2009 semi automatic. I need to replace flywheel and clutch but my mechanic can't do it as it need re-programming. Can anyone recommend me garage in London as i got parts already. Thanks

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