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No Air-Con?

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Sun Jul 10 2016, 01:20am
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So I got the Air Con on my 2007 1.6HDi Coupe regassed on Wednesday. I noticed it was cool but not cold like it should be, I have been checking everything I can think off to find out why it's not working.

Rewind the early last year I had a problem with the radiator fan staying on and flattening my battery. After a quick search on here and Ebay I replaced the radiator temp sensor and thought nothing more of it. Fast forward to this week and it's suddenly struck me that since I replaced that part, the radiator fan has never come on, with or without the A/C turned on.

A quick inspection of the part turns out the part number doesn't match the original part number of the faulty temp sensor I removed. After checking Ebay, the listing I purchased the replacement sensor from lists it with the correct part number but looking at the part it definitely differs.

So I switch the old faulty sensor back in and I took the car to work and back last night and surprise surprise the fan still hasn't worked.

Question now is has the wrong part blown the radiator fan, if so would this be the cause for my A/C not working?

The Original Faulty Sensor:
Original Faulty Part

The Replacement Sensor - I know looking at the pictures it should have been obvious it was the wrong part :\
Replacement Part
Sun Jul 10 2016, 04:21am
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Who regassed it?

It could be that the filtering and drying cartridge is clogged.
Sun Jul 10 2016, 05:10am
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Joined: Nov 19 2013
Location: Northumberland
rusky wrote ...

Who regassed it?

It could be that the filtering and drying cartridge is clogged.

It was done by a some what reputable local garage :/

If it was that would that stop the fan from operating when the A/C button is turned on?

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