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Pioneer GM-D1004 connections to the RT6 / eMyWay

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Thu Jun 30 2016, 12:46pm
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Hi, I'm the proud new owner of a second hand 2011 sport/Chique DS4, 2.0HDI and the eMyWay/RT6 satnav.
Love the car but was really disappointed of the audio quality.
I already replaced the speakers with a Pioneer set but the volume from the eMyWay is not very powerfull.
I have a Pioneer GM-D1004 to put in series with the speakers outputs of the RT6 but I can't find a diagram explaining the wire layout/colors of the quadlock connector.
I know one side is for the speakers and the other for the power/Can and such but I need to know what are the voltage lines of the other connector.
No red or black wires

Can anybody help me with the wiring diagram of the RT6 quadlock connector?
It is different from the RD5 quadlock connector diagrams I have found...
I already have a extension connector for the quadlock, but I need to know which wires to splice into for the power connections.
Fri Jul 01 2016, 05:04am

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 mluijben (01 Jul 2016 : 06:09)
Fri Jul 01 2016, 06:15am
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Thx, my guess is that the CT10CT04 harness is the correct one.

I think I have the connections figured out and will use my 40 pins extension cord so I can elliminate the Iso connectors and solder it all into a nice connection harnas without all the Iso connectors.

Still wonder why there is no pinout for the RT6 to be found online?
Almost every radio in a Citroen/Peugeot can be found except the RT6..
I have the computer workshop manual but can't get the schematic part to startup..

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