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RD5 with an aftermarket operating system

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Wed Jun 29 2016, 01:27am
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Hi all,

I have the C4 HDI comp PK ST, 2012 model.

my car is equipped with rear sensors and rear camera, steering wheel shows the phone control buttons, dual AC, AUX and USB socket, color LCD.

the AUX and USB socket do not work.

I have opened the center console in order to see what I have 'under the hood' and found the RD5 system connected to some sort of computer further search on google led me to this site:
- Click Here -

now for the questions that I have...
I know that I can replace the entire thing to a different aftermarket Android multimedia system like this: - Click Here -

but its a bit pricey for me.

I'm wondering if I can remove the rubbish operation system (the aftermarket) but keep the LCD screen since I have the rear view camera, and restore the original RD5 BT and USB capabilities...?

Looking to hear your thought...


Wed Jul 20 2016, 03:53am
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Hi Guys,

I could really use your help...

Wed Jul 20 2016, 04:17am
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those add-on boxes are pretty smart actually- does yours take a signal from the fatory touchscreen or instead has a resistive film been added?

They're all running on Windows CE from any research I've done (looked at them for my Forester) but without knowing what chipset youd never know what drivers etc were available or needed.

But if you've still got the factory RD5 you should still have USB and AUX I'd think, is anything disconnected behind the RD5?
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 mosheva (07 Aug 2016 : 14:46)
Sun Aug 07 2016, 02:57pm
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Thank you for your comment.

the original AUX and USB are disconnected.. the person who installed this aftermarket unit cut the wires and made some really nasty connections..

I do not know if the screen is the original screen or not. the model of my RD5 unit is RD5 L3 cem 00, I guess it does come with BT, AUX and BT enabled but the way the wires are cut it is look like they are disconnected.

I'm looked for the RD5 diagram but could not find it, I'm looking to restore the original wiring in order to try to solve the BT and AUX problems.

As I mentioned my car have a rear camera and rear parking sensors that do work, I don't care about the GPS integration since I use WAZE on my android phone.

I just want to be able to stream music via BT and make phone calls.

So please if anyone have the diagram for the RD5 head unit please please share it with me...

also, if any one have the instructions to how to install the AUX and USB port it would be appreciated.

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