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Pre and Post Facelift C4GP Halogen headlights.

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Tue Jun 14 2016, 03:52am
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Location: Dorset
There have been quite a few posts on here about C4GP headlights. I have posted that the pre and post facelift headlights are the same and, when equipped with DRLs the sidelights are completely redundant.
Two particular posts have been nagging in the back of my mind. First was one asking if you could convert from one with yellow indicator lenses to yellow (or was it the other way round) and the other was asking where to get yellow front indicator bulbs.
So I've been observing various cars to figure out what is going on. It certainly appears that the pre-facelift cars have yellow plastic indicator lenses and post-facelift cars have clear. It looks other than the lens colour that they are identical, and that Citroen (or indeed their suppliers) have made an extremely cheap modification requiring very little tooling and a change in bulb. Retaining the redundant sidelights has saved a further redesign, and I'm not sure that the cheapest models had DRLs anyway. (As these are extremely rare I haven't seen any to compare). As otherwise they seem to be identical, it should be possible to convert either way with no issue.

I just thought I'd post this as it has clarified my thoughts and may be useful for others.
Tue Jul 05 2016, 06:17am
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I would say that it's not a lamp unit change but a harness change to disable the sidelights and add DRLs. My DRL equipped C4GP still has wired up bulb holders in the headlamp units for the sidelights despite them not actually being functional. If you read another thread I started here about the orange indicator bulbs you'll see they are a headache to find and shockingly expensive to get hold of.

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