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C4 towbar electrical question

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Tue May 24 2016, 06:31am
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Hi all

so, I have had a good look through the forums, and tried a number of searches, which have been insightful, but not completely answering my questions.

so, I got a towbar and electrics from a scrap yard for £30. towbar is fitted, no issues. going to start the electrics this week. unit I got from the scrappy was wired in, so I know the connection. one side all goes to the towbar socket, no problem. the other side wires go to the car, and I cut it out with some of the car loom attached, so I have the wire colours for reference.

the main power feed used the grey/white wire that is present in the boot (I think something to do with the official Citroen wiring?) so, this wire is present in my boot, so can be used.
however, it seems it goes towards the passenger fusebox in the car, yet is not connected there. this is where I cannot find an answer.
where does this wire go? what do I need to connect to it, or connect it to, to make it a permanent live for the towbar?

once I know this, I can have a crack at wiring it in.

all help will be appreciated


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