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C4 Loeb edition decal repair (2008)

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Sat May 07 2016, 07:05am
Member No: #42239
Joined: Oct 04 2015
Location: Norfolk
Hi all.
Does anyone know how I would be able to get a decal repaired? a dog jumped up the side of the car and put a couple of scratches across the black part of the decal. The decal being replaced is not an option as its driver's side and if i replace it, the new decal comes with no numbers. My Loeb Edition is number 0001 so i'm sure you can see the importance of keeping the number and needing repairs.
I'm desperate for some answers in regards to this so please help as im gutted and need to find a resolve.

Thanks in advance for any correspondence
Sat May 07 2016, 11:21am
Member No: #33221
Joined: Nov 17 2013
Location: West Wiltshire
Doesn't really answer your question but have you though about getting and graphics company to make a new decal for you with the No.0001 on it.

You see many companies who can sign write a whole car/van with any design you want

Just a thought, maybe an option for you
Sat May 07 2016, 02:38pm
Member No: #24127
Joined: Feb 05 2012
Location: Bexhill on Sea
Could you get a new decal & cut out the space where the number is so you can patch in the number from the old decal?
Wed May 11 2016, 01:01pm
Member No: #22451
Joined: Oct 17 2011
Location: UK
You could try eurocarcare.net and ask for a chap called mick.
He helped me sort my decal when i had an issue.

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