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Oil top up

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Fri Apr 08 2016, 09:51am
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Joined: Oct 17 2011
Location: UK
Does anyone on here own the VT120 Loeb? If so can anyone please help or advise as I am topping up my oil every 2000 odd miles? There is no leak and I have had the engine pressure tested and all was ok there but am rather confused as to why my oil needs topping up every so often? Previously to my VTi120 '10 plate' I owned a '55 plate' VTS C4 which hardly ever needed topping up with oil. Does anyone know if this is the norm with 'prince' engine?

Thanks in advance.
Wed Apr 13 2016, 11:55am
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Joined: Aug 29 2012
Location: Lancashire
If there are no visual signs of oil leakage then that would suggest that it is burning oil.

Most engines do actually burn oil its just some burn more than others and sometimes it's nothing to worry about. It can just work out costly to keep topping it up.
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