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A couple of questions from a new owner

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Sun Mar 27 2016, 07:40am
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Joined: Feb 20 2016
Location: Ireland
Hi guys,

I'm a new owner of a 2012 C4GP VTR+ with a 1.6 DV6C and wanted to check the injecor seals on my engine. I've checked youtube and the other threads on this site but it looks as though the engine in my car is different.

It has a different engine cover (looks like this one - Click Here - ) and when removed I don't see the injectors I'm guessing I need to dig deeper to get to them?

Am I right in thinking that I have an Eloys pouch as the car has a FAP/DPF?

Is it normal for the blower not to run for the first 20-30 seconds after starting the car? It doesn't matter what speed its set to it doesn't kick in for the first 20-30secs.

I scanned the car with an ODB and got the following codes if anyone can shed any light on them

U1213 x3 which appears to be ABS related I'm a premium member but the PDF has this code against the auto gearbox.

P0500 Vehicle speed sensor malfunction - Looks like this would disable cruise control and result in rough running but I have neither so I'll clear it and see does it come back.

F1B - Windscreen wiper system jamming
- Not recognized
- Permanent

Wipers work ok so I'll clear and see if it comes back do the wipers give trouble?

4CA - Foglight, rear left
- Short circuit to positive
- Permanent

The bulb is ok but car has a hitch fitted and it looks like a bypass relay so I'm guessing something here.

Thanks in advance,

Sun Mar 27 2016, 08:39am

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That is the cheaper 'felt' engine cover, you can fit the hard plastic one if you can find one, they are a straight swap.

Yes you need to look deeper to find the injectors.

Yes there will be a DPF Eolys pouch under the car on the offside forward of the rear wheel.

Windscreen wipers on a GP have 2 motors, a master and a slave, possibly one is failing

As to the other 2 fault codes.....

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 tnegun (27 Mar 2016 : 12:05)
Sun Mar 27 2016, 02:39pm
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Joined: Feb 20 2016
Location: Ireland
Thanks for the reply looks like I need to remove the air filter box or at least loosen it off slightly, unseat a wiring harness and remove some sound proofing to get at the injectors. Does that sound right?

The U1213 code is for the Automatic Transmission ECU but my car is a manual or is that irrelevant as it's an ABS fault?

From the sounds of it should the P0500 code reoccur I'll know about it.

Anyone know if the blower fan delay on startup is by design?

Is there an easy place to find part numbers? All of the fixings for the plastic tray under the wipers are missing and the whole piece is loose so I'd like to replace them
Sun Mar 27 2016, 02:57pm

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tnegun wrote ...
Anyone know if the blower fan delay on startup is by design?

I'm not sure it was as long as 20 seconds but yes, it used to take a while for the fan to wake up on ours - perhaps 10 seconds
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 tnegun (27 Mar 2016 : 15:28)
Mon Mar 28 2016, 08:58am
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Location: Ireland
Maybe it's not that long but I've had to replace the blower/resistor pack in my last two cars and am a bit sensitive to it! I found the Citroen Service tech site courtesy of this site and the fasteners I'm looking for are the 4 that fix the trim underneath the wipers to the sound proofing below. It looks like this is the correct part no 7584 AQ. Does anyone know for sure?

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