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C4P 2013+ Bike Carrier recommendations?

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Thu Mar 17 2016, 04:53pm
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Joined: Feb 22 2016
Location: Sussex, UK
Has anyone fitted a bike carrier to the latest model C4P?

I'm hoping to find a suitable rack to carry three bikes (one adult / two child's) which doesn't run the risk of scratching paintwork etc.

Any first hand experience would be greatly appreciated.

Thu Mar 17 2016, 05:18pm

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Joined: Apr 12 2011
Location: Cambridgeshire
Do you mean the original C4 Picasso or the current one?

The original Picasso has a plastic rear spoiler so you can't use a boot mounter carrier as it will simply rip it off unless you take the time to remove the spoiler, fit the straps to the metal and then reinstall the spoiler which has been done.

Roof carriers will fit but I think it's probably hard work to get a bike on the roof, the you have the towbar options
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 wiimixer (17 Mar 2016 : 17:34)
Fri Mar 18 2016, 03:36am
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Also do you mean Picasso or Grand Picasso. There are threads on here referring to cracked rear spoilers for the new model, so I'd suggest that they are still plastic. Mine certainly seems to be plastic!

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