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Timing rebuild on 2010 loeb VTI 120

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Thu Mar 17 2016, 06:18am
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Joined: Oct 17 2011
Location: UK
Firstly I would like to ask if anyone on here who owns a C4 loeb VTI 120 has had the pleasure of the timing going all out of sync ??
My car is 2010 and already I need the 2 dephaser pulleys changing as they are out of sync also the timing belt needs replacing as it has stretched..
I would like to ask if anyone has had this issue on the VTI 120 engine and whether the 2 solenoids need replacing when I get the pulleys changed ??
Could they be left as is ?? Or do I have to change them too ?? The main fault lies with the dephaser pulleys being out of sync (causing the car to have poor cold start and kangarooing on 1st start every morning) .. If anyone has had this problem on here or could advise me as to whether the solenoids need changing too when I get this job done ?? Any advice would be greatly received..

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