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C4 boot won't open

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Sun Feb 03 2008, 05:00am
The boot on my C4 won't open, has any one any ideas on how to solve this? thanks
Sun Feb 03 2008, 05:22am

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Location: Bristol
Welshguy is best to advise as he's had a couple of problems with his...

IIRC the technique is to push down on the lid as you press the button
Sun Feb 03 2008, 05:29am

Sun Feb 03 2008, 05:35am

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dkhill47 wrote ...

the booth on my c4 wont open, has any one any ideas on how to solve this? thanks

It will be a tailgate lock failure - quite common on earlier cars - Click Here -
Sun Feb 08 2009, 10:34am
just gone on mine this morning really peeved off but will contact citroen tommorow and get it sorted
Sun Feb 08 2009, 11:32am
I believe it can be opened from inside with a screwdriver. See owners manual.
Sun Feb 08 2009, 12:12pm

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i ended up with a new lock and wiring loom under warranty, and as jacippit says you can open it with a screw driver from inside. pain in the bum to be honest
Sun Feb 08 2009, 01:37pm

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C4owner wrote ...

dkhill47 wrote ...

the booth on my c4 wont open, has any one any ideas on how to solve this? thanks

It will be a tailgate lock failure - quite common on earlier cars - Click Here -

To open it in an emergency then

You need to drop the back seats and crawl into the boot to get at the lock and follow the instructions.

Sun Feb 08 2009, 03:05pm
had this on mine.1st time it was the micro-switch,2nd time it was the wiring broke where it goes from body to hatch.
Sun Nov 21 2010, 06:36am
Got the same problem with my 05 SX petrol. Cost me £41 to be quoted £270 for a new tailgate loom (fitted). Seems exorbitant.

Tried to open from the inside but can't see the lock illustrated above. Do I need to remove anything to access it? Not technically minded at all!

Thanks in advance.
Sun Nov 21 2010, 06:38am

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Welcome to C4Owners.org, Emma.

You should be able to open the boot from inside (means groping around with the seats down) with a suitable screw driver.
Sun May 15 2011, 03:46pm
will try this tomorrow or though don't think it will work as I can't seem to remember if the bottom locking latch is exposed enough to get a screw driver in to it to be able to open it, will let you know shortly..

just glad I WAS GOING TO PUT THE DOG IN THE BOOT, and not the other way round before the boot decided to stay shut permanently...
Sun May 15 2011, 03:53pm
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Poor dog!
Sun May 15 2011, 04:04pm
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The emergency unlocking latch isn't too difficult to get access to.

My first C4 had this problem, though I had wondered if carrying a very sandy retriever around in the boot helped much (as in covered in sand, not sandy coloured).
Sun Mar 04 2012, 12:52pm
I have just had a similar issue with my coupe, but I found it was nothing to do with the lock or switch, Boot wouldn't open but dash displayed boot open message, which meant I couldn't arm the alarm or lock the car.
So I dismantled the entire boot lid and removed switch and lock, car still wouldn't lock only thing left was the wiper disconnected it and bingo car locked fine put it back together and switch and boot lock operated as normal.
2 hours later however my alarm started sounding I disarmed it but then the car wouldn't lock again accessed the boot through back seat removed panel and disconnected the wiper and all was/is fine since then I have just left the wiper unplugged and think I will remove the wiper altogether and use a grommet as the wiper does very little on a coupe anyway.

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