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Citroen C4 B7 rear braking pads

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Sun Feb 28 2016, 04:05am
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Location: Burscheid
Hi everyone!
I have C4 155THP 2010,and would like to change rear brake pads. It is with electric (auto) handbrake, do I need a software to turn of the brake, or is it enough to just leave it released?
Thanks for the answers!
Sun Feb 28 2016, 07:12am

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Joined: Mar 08 2009
Location: Kent, UK
Just release it using the wiggly winding tool. Using the electric button only slackens the cables and does not fully release them.
But you will need a tool to wind the piston back into the cylinder. I used a Draper Brake Block, but there are several others that do the job. It's a very fine thread and manually you will be winding a long time before you see any physical movement. You might want to connect a portable drill and slowly power it back. And don't forget to check brake fluid levels as you wind. In fact it's a good idea to bleed a little fluid out of each slave cylinder to check the colour. The brakes have a tendency to bind slightly if not cleaned regularly and the overheating turns the fluid black.
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