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Does C4 1st gen need clutch or gearbox fluid change?

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Mon Feb 15 2016, 12:24pm
Member No: #42137
Joined: Sep 23 2015
Location: The Emerald Island
Greetings fellow Citroen drivers,

I have a 1st gen Citroen C4 SX, 1.4 petrol hatchback and I was wondering if my car needs regular clutch or gearbox fluid changes?
Like, one of my previous cars needed gearbox fluid change, but most of my previous cars didn't. And none of my previous cars needed clutch fluid changes, but I have heard that some Citroens do need such service from time to time.
So I was wondering if my car needs regular clutch or gearbox fluid changes? And if so, at what intervals?
I have been reading my maintenance manual and googling the Internet, but I still can't find a definitive answer to that question.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Thu Dec 08 2016, 07:51am
Member No: #40631
Joined: May 21 2015
Location: Portsmouth, Hampshire
As far as I know manual does not need oil change. Automatic may have fluid. Check in your owner's and service manuals.

Obviously, if you do clutch repairs, oil will be drained and replaced. But once again, not entirely sure about automatics.
Mon Jan 02 2017, 03:16am
Member No: #44435
Joined: Apr 10 2016
Location: Skopje
I own a manual and did the change at around 80kkm and it maybe placebo but i felt that the gear changes are smoother so do it just for the piece of mind

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