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17" wheels - do they fit?

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Fri Nov 27 2015, 05:17am
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Joined: Nov 09 2015
Location: Somerset
Has anyone fitted 17" 7.5J Alloy wheels onto a C4 2012, do they rub or cause problems?

Many thanks for any info.
Fri Nov 27 2015, 07:26am

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Joined: Aug 07 2006
Location: Northumberland
17" come as standard on some spec cars so yes they will fit but you need to make sure that the PCD and Offset are correct

PCD 4 X 108 Offset 25mm Centre bore 65.1mm

It's all in the FAQ: - Click Here -
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 SGH (29 Nov 2015 : 13:31)
Sat Nov 28 2015, 04:11am

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Location: Manchester
17x7.5 will easily go on. The 2012 C4 comes with optional 18" wheels.

As Dave has said. As long as offset etc is right. Not an issue.
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 SGH (29 Nov 2015 : 13:31)
Sat Jun 03 2017, 03:38am
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Location: Australia
Yes, they do! The 2012 C4 B7 e-HDi hatchbacks 'Exclusive' comes standard with 17" alloy wheels and 225/45 Michelin tyres. That is what I have, but one thing, they are abit harsh on bumps and pot holes. NOTE: the kpa recommended by Citroen is not recommended by the tyre manufacturer. The tyre pressures recommended for these tyres 225/45 font and back is at 250kpa. Do not run them with the Citroen recommended pressures of different front of 230kpa to the back of 210kpa as the tyres will be underinflated and will wear quicker and won't work as recommended.

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